the travelling Zumi

While travelling south for Christmas, I took some pictures with the Zumi. They had a lot more snow this year than we do in Toronto.

And now, it’s time, for a haiku:

Silently it lays


Glittering, swirling, it drifts


across miles between.


And along the way, lovely frosted trees as well!




And this is our journey back into the city — bumper-to-bumper on the highway! And no snow, just rain. Welcome to the city, it said.


But rain did not dampen our holiday spirits and we had a great time travelling nonetheless :)

May the new year brings great adventures and new inspirations! Best wishes for 2011!

Christmas crafting, episode two!

Another extensive gift project this year was the set of crochet mustaches, for my brother-in-law. And of course we tried them on ourselves before giving them away, with our European backdrop.

I followed the mustaches, three ways pattern from Wunderkammer. It was a really fun pattern, and also a great way to learn shaping and sculptural forms in crochet.

Back in September I tried to dye some yarn with coffee — and this is the secret project! The coffee-stained mustache! :D

And all the mustaches got tucked in a shadow box so when one isn’t playing dress-up they can also be enjoyed as an object d’art.

Christmas morning just got more stylish! :D

I also made these fiesta slippers for my sister-in-law. They were made from the granny squares I was making during the make-along in September, following this pattern.

All in all I’m just thankful for the time and laughters shared with families we don’t get to see very often.


Christmas crafting, episode one

One of my favourite things about Christmas is gift-giving. More so than gift-receiving. I like collecting clues about what people like throughout the year and come up with things to make for them. And I would start making them as early as the summer.

(Though I just realized, as we came home from visiting families, that the gifts I made in August are missing, and I can’t remember where I put them… I’m hoping they will turn up soon so I can give them away as Chinese New Year gifts.)

Anyhoo, this is one of the most extensive projects of the year. Not because it was complicated, but because it was something I’m not used to making and it took quite a while to finish.

Mike has been looking to buy an “indoor scarf” and so I thought I would make him one for Christmas. I found this light-weight plaid fabric in a small shop on Queen St. and followed this pattern for sewing a scarf.

The sewing part was rather easy, it was the fringing part that made me worry I wasn’t going to have it finished until Mike’s birthday in the summer. After 2 days of “removing the width-threads from the end of the scarf,” as per the instruction, I’ve got hardly an inch of fringe on one side of the scarf, and I needed 4 inches on both sides for knotting.

There must be a quicker way of doing this, I thought. Eventually I figured that I could just cut the end of the scarf into one-inch sections…

… and it would be easier to remove the horizontal threads…

I lost one or two vertical threads in between because of the cutting but the fringing went by so much quicker! Instead of days and weeks of work it took only 5 hours altogether.

And here’s Mike happily looking at his scarf :D

I left my camera at my parents’ during the making and presenting of this gift, so I took all the pictures with my Zumi, which actually makes the pictures more interesting, I think.

And oh my! As I took the bus today I’m reminded by the transfer slip that today is the 363th day of the year! So have a happy Wednesday everyone, as we move forward to 2011!



Like the petals in our pockets
May we remember who we are
Unconditionally cared for
By those who share our broken hearts

The table is set
And all glasses are full
The pieces go missing
May we still feel whole


Warm wishes,

(The rest of the lyrics here)


Pocoyo hats!

Ever watched Pocoyo?

I caught it once while babysitting a few years back. I love the claymation-like animation and the characters and stories are so incredibly cute! (He has a blog too but it’s in Spanish.)

Anyway, I wanted to make hats for my friends’ children and decided to use this quick and easy pattern to make them. After two days of madly crocheting here they are, on a make-shift snowy background that is the back of my table cloth :D

The pattern was indeed quick and easy as it promised. I actually made the infant one from start to finish on a 1 hr. subway ride. I also skipped the ties at the end of the earflaps because in my experience the ties always get caught in the zipper of my coat. And without the ties they remind me of Pocoyo’s hat. See?

So, I had to make myself one too :D With an additional row or two it fits me perfectly. Plus, recently I left my hat and mitts at a friend’s and won’t get them back till the new year, so I need a new hat. I also left my trusty pink camera at my parents’ (what’s with me leaving my stuff behind these days?) so I used Mike’s webcam. (The group of hats picture was taken with his super camera too! It captures the red very nicely.)

Thank you for visiting genuine mudpie this year! Wishing everyone a joyous, warm and peaceful holiday!

¡Feliz Navidad!


city of pigeons

Yup. No finches at Finch Station. Just pigeons.


Pigeons waddles closer and closer to the camera, probably thought I had food. Look at those red eyes! Red eyes!

Happy weekend everyone!


greetings from the tree! :D

Hey Jorge! Where’s the tree and what’s with the fire?

Well… we’ll get to that in a moment. But now, the ornaments! :D

A yellow fabric star that Mike made when he was 5 makes the tree topper every year.


Meet Snow Bear! I made him at school 2 Christmases ago. We were supposed to make a sculpture for a role play exercise, and he’s made of a Styrofoam cone and some corn and seeds, but I can’t bear to toss him away.


And next we have my favourite chipmunk in the tree. (Jorge: but isn’t there only one chipmunk in the tree…?) I saw him at Pottery Barn and just had to bring him home. I’m not one who shops at Pottery Barn ever, but I had a gift card! :D So it was meant to be. Actually, I originally bought him for a secret Santa gift but I mean, who could ever give away a chipmunk with ears made of pistachio shells?


And here’s my Model Magic snowman, made from leftover Model Magic I saved from school. (With a grinning Bob the Tomato talking toy.)


One year I made many of these ornaments with shards of glass from jars and bottles, which I smashed with a hammer :D I then soldered the edges and painted on it with glass paint. I sold and gave away all the ones that I made throughout the years, and haven’t started making them again because it involves so much time and work. But I still think it was a really good idea. I really like the organic shape of the glass and the idea that it came from a broken bottle.


Last year I took a workshop in felting. It was an ornament workshop and we made a Santa, a snowman, and a penguin. I gave away the Santa and the snowman and kept Mr. Penguin. Mike quickly pointed out how he bears a striking resemblance to the Linux Penguin.

The workshop instructor kindly offered us extra felt to take home to practice, so with the extra felt I made this mushroom. There are also an assortment of pine cones and plastic hollies in the tree from floral arrangements that Mike’s office received. I’m thankful for his co-workers who asked him to take those home for me before throwing out the arrangements :D They make excellent tree decorations because they come with a long wire stem, which are very easy to insert into the mass of plastic tree needles and make the decorations look like part of the tree.


Here’s my first attempt to make a crocheted acorn. He has a removable cap too. (Jorge: and we came from the same ball of yarn!)


New to the tree this year are my ornaments from the dough adventures. Here’s the teapot one made from the cookie mold my friend kindly passed on to me.

And here comes the crazed rabbit and his carrot! :D


But the most special thing about the tree this year is the fireplace under the tree. Yes, a fireplace in an apartment!


Mike built this fireplace by running this video on a gumdrop Mac he got for free on Craigslist. Isn’t he the most brilliant? :D

It is a fireplace one can hug! (And it’s quite warm!)


Just so everyone can fully appreciate this lovely Mac fire with us I took a video with the Zumi! If you listen carefully you’ll hear it crackle like a real fireplace! :D



Warm wishes to you and your family!

favourite things! the special ornament edition

I love ornaments. It is my go-to craft when I don’t know what kind of gifts to make for someone, and with certain ones I hang them around the house on windows and plants all year long :D

So here are my favourite ornament tutorials from all around!

This one would be great to make with kids! And I love the rhinestone eye!
(From All about you)


Perfect gift for that special someone who believes that everything is better with bacon. XD
(From Seremeres)


My friend pointed me to this blog and I found this super cute snowman, which would make an adorable ornament! Also check out the pom pom owl tutorial!
(From maedchenmitherz)

And while browsing around on maedchenmitherz (it is such a lovely blog with such fresh and cute ideas!) I found this! :D

This is not an ornament, but I must share a picture — it is just brilliant! The eyes are actually button closures! It has instantly jumped to the top of my list of projects! :D


These mushrooms come from the book Fa la la la Felt, the publisher is sharing a tutorial from the book for these lovely mushrooms! Aren’t they the cutest? I need them on my tree.
(From The Long Thread)

And while browsing on The Long Thread, I saw this absolutely adorable snowflake necklace…

… made of shrink plastic! An ornament for the neck! My neck! And so as I typed this I hurried to my craft corner to check if I still had shrink plastic — and to my relief there is still half a sheet! YES! This, my friend, is also at the top of my project list.


Another ornament involving one of my favourite things — acorns! An acorn cap nest, and the eggs are painted soy beans! :D My tree also needs this.
(From Twig and Toadstool)


Who would ever be able to tell that this elegant ornament was once a juice can?
(From michele made me)

And check out these wreath ornaments made from the humble loo roll!

AND the egg carton flowers! The pine cone-like one in the front row is simply gorgeous, it will make an excellent ornament!

And look at these beautiful winter lanterns!

They’re just breath-taking!

So, clearly I’m completely sidetracked at this point (reading craft blogs is like going down a rabbit hole!) and this post is no longer just about ornaments. But now I have enough on my project list to last until next Christmas :D And I hope you find inspirations in the tutorials I gathered here as well!

Tomorrow I hope to share with you the assortment of ornaments on my tree! Stay tuned! :D


wish list…

For the very first time I have a true wish list with one item on it — this book! 100 Felt Mascots!

I actually saw this at a bookstore while in Hong Kong. A how-to book for making really cute cellphone charms. It was translated into Chinese and I read it cover to cover twice and could not put it down. It is so. Ridiculously. Cute. But I decided to buy another more practical book at the time (sewing clothes without drawing patterns! I’m not very good at sewing, so it’s a good learning book) and thought, I’ll think about it more and if I really want the 100 Mascots I’ll come back for it — the bookstore was just around the corner from the flat we stayed at. But I forgot! There were so many things to do and places to see and people to visit, I forgot about the book! And now it’s too late! *kicks self*

Yesterday I stumbled upon it again on Chubby Hobby and I love it even more :’(
Then I found a Flickr set with lots of pictures of the book and felt so happy to see all the familiar faces of the tofu and pudding and radishes again, but it is nothing like holding the pages of the book…

Oh well. It will remain a wish until I see the book in person again.

In the meanwhile, seeing images of the book again has inspired a craft, but that deserves a post of its own. So stay tuned! :D

favourite snowpeople of the season

Hello! Was going to write a “favourite things of the week” post, but realized that most of the favourite things I came across lately had to do with snowpeople, and that it is snowing here on genuine mudpie, I figure it’d be fitting to write a “favourite snowpeople” post! :D

Melted and ready to eat! Muahahaha… I vote this best cookie of the season!
(from the decorated cookie)

These are not necessarily snowpeople, but I thought they look close enough. There’s wonderful detailed instruction to make them with felt and also with marshmallows! :D
(from Gingerbread Snowflakes)


I saw this in the magazine a couple of years ago and I’ve always loved how brilliant yet simple it is. I’ve got to admit, it’s a good thing. A sugar snow globe! Instructions to build snowman and other fun characters with bamboo skewers and gumdrops! My favourite are the mushrooms.
(from Martha Stewart Living)

And finally, from my favourite movies of all time, My Neighbor Totoro — in the ending sequence the Totoros find a snow Totoro built by Satsuki and Mei!

Watch the full ending sequence here if you have a moment, it’s really cute! In Japanese with English subtitles! (I was never a big fan of the dubbed English version) And if you haven’t seen the movie I’d highly recommend it!

Have a great week ahead!