this week’s awesome finds

In case you’re looking for costume ideas… for Halloween, or costume parties any day :D

Spotted this on Make. I have a soft spot for jelly fish, but wouldn’t you say this is the cutest ever?


Last minute dandelion, creative, fashionable and brilliant! From Hands Occupied.


This is a bit more involved, but totally worth the time! Especially with the donut hole bucket! (we call them Tim bits around here…) From Studio DIY.


This is not really a costume, but I love the eye ball pom poms! From Mr. Printables.


And why not dress up a cake as ramen? No joke, it’s linked to a video that shows you how to make a ramen cake. Actually seems doable. And I love that the “broth” part of it is made out of tea jello. Check it out on Kotaku!


Finally, Mike highly recommends the tea bag costume (watch for it in this awesome video!).


Have an awesome week! :D







trip to the capital city


Two weeks ago we went to Ottawa for my cousin’s wedding. It was a rather short trip but we got to visit the Rideau Canal before heading home. The fall colours were lovely. And I found an owl! :D



The wedding was held at this castle-like hotel. It was one of the most glamorous weddings I’ve ever been invited to, and so very happy to see my cousin marrying her true love! :D



So throughout the summer I worked on adding a sash to this dress so it looks a bit more formal for the occasion…



… and I clipped this fabric flower I made on the back. I also bought this vintage porcelain rose earring and necklace set from a very friendly shop owner on Etsy. I thought it matched my dress well :) 



The hotel was right next door to Parliament Hill. A levitating photo is in order.



Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! 


the cranes of double happiness

Update — May 6, 2015:

I’ve just received a comment from origami book author, Mr. Didier Boursin, informing me that the origami crane card model comes from one of his books (his comment can be found below).

I want to clarify that in the original post (see below), I have clearly stated that I did not invent the origami crane greeting card instructions. I have in all honesty forgotten where I’ve learned it. I was an avid folder in my teenage years, and have pored over probably over a hundred origami books from the library. I have been folding this diagram from memory for many years, but I do not own the book that contains this diagram, nor do I remember which book contains this diagram. With some experimentation I came up with this double crane version, and thought I would share it in case others would also find it useful. 

From his list of publications it is evident that Mr. Boursin is a prolific origami designer and author, and so it is likely that I’ve come across this crane greeting card model in one of his books, or a book that includes his diagram, as he has suggested in his comment. However, it was never my intent to deceive the readers or disrespect Mr. Boursin and other origami designers. I apologize for not remembering where I initially learned this pattern and therefore could not properly cite it when I wrote this post. And so, since now we know where the pattern comes from, out of respect, I am taking down the rest of the instruction on this post. 

If anyone is interested in folding this model, please consult Mr. Boursin’s list of origami books

Thank you for reading,




Last week I mentioned that I was going to a wedding (photos to come! :D). I decided to experiment on a variation of my usual origami crane greeting card, which has only one crane, and make a double-crane version. I was quite proud that it worked out! So I thought I’d share the folding instructions here, in case it will come in handy for you some day too :D

I must say, though, that I didn’t invent the origami crane greeting card instructions myself. I learned it from a book, but I forget what that book is… there might also be instructions of it floating around on the interweb somewhere. If you’re not familiar with making origami cranes, it might be helpful to first try your hands on the original origami crane to get a feel of how some of the folds work (video here).


this week’s awesome finds

Anyone want to attempt this life size Totoro costume this coming Halloween? Pretty amazing! Step by step photos of how it was built on Imgur.


Very neat braided cotton belt from How did you make this?


So very pretty. plaster-dipped flower votives from Design Mom.


These lace leaves would make such beautiful pendants or earrings. Such detailed tutorial too. Also from How did you make this? (such an amazing blog!)


A super awesome knitted octopus! Follow the link on Make for the pattern!


One lovely barn owl. Pattern on Great Grey Crochet.


I love these twine coasters. Perfect for fall. Pattern by Melmaria on Ravelry. If you don’t know how to crochet, she sells these in her Etsy shop too :D


I’m heading to a wedding in a castle! Woohoo!! Hope to bring back photos, especially levitating ones :D Have a happy weekend, everyone!