an analogue Christmas

This Christ­mas I only took a few pic­tures with my phone, the rest I took with a Diana Mini (a film cam­era). I’m real­ly enjoy­ing not being able to imme­di­ate­ly see what I’ve cap­tured, and wait­ing to see the results, and end­ing up with sig­nif­i­cant­ly few­er pho­tos. It all makes pic­ture-tak­ing a much more inten­tion­al activ­i­ty for me.

So I just want to share with you a few of my favourites :D

Some of these are from the fall. Here we are, with friends at Nuit Blanche. Some major streets were closed for the “all-night art thing”, so we were able to take a leisure­ly stroll in the mid­dle of the night down the mid­dle of a street­car track.



This was one of the Nuit Blanche instal­la­tions at Fort York. Tak­en with long expo­sure, made more dra­mat­ic with light leaks. The lights moves from the canons down the hill. I wished I had record­ed the sounds and music that went with it too. It was beautiful.



Kind of a con­fus­ing pic­ture but I real­ly like it. It was actu­al­ly a dou­ble expo­sure of baby’s breath in a vase and me wear­ing a mush­room cap.



Here’s a bet­ter pic­ture of me in the mush­room cap (found at Ikea! Best thing ever :D). One can­not be stressed out while wear­ing a mush­room cap and sip­ping tea.



The annu­al San­ta Claus parade! We haven’t been for a few years but this year a friend was in the parade so we were hop­ing to wave at her from the side­line. Sad­ly, we missed her, with all the fes­tiv­i­ties going on and chil­dren run­ning around. But I’ve got some mul­ti­ply-exposed pic­tures to cap­ture the (some­what over­whelm­ing) hol­i­day cheers! (Because I was also run­ning out of film, was try­ing to take in as much as pos­si­ble :P) Here we have a cou­ple of pos­ing clowns…



and a princess in a giant skirt and a giant bon­homme de neige.



And rab­bits! And tea par­ty amidst the giant mushrooms!



And final­ly, San­ta! With the band play­ing around him…



And we also went to the annu­al Christ­mas Mar­ket at the Dis­tillery. Very mag­i­cal with the lights. This one is my favourite shot from the market.



There was a very giant Christ­mas tree, but the pic­tures I took of the tree turned out rather dark because the Diana does­n’t have a very strong flash. So, tree with more string lights.



The cheer­ful crowd :D



In the build­ing where all the artist stu­dios are.



And some fam­i­ly time. Got to do some hol­i­day yarn craft­ing with my cousin (who is 8, so I’m more like an aunt than a cousin…). Here are the pom pom pets we made, all lined up for a group pho­to :D (a granny rab­bit, a pan­da and a pig)



Hav­ing some tea and tri­fle at grand­ma’s, a year­ly tra­di­tion :) (I love how it cap­tured the cream dis­pers­ing in the tea)



I just start­ed anoth­er roll of film for new year and lunar new year — stay tuned for more Diana pic­tures! :D Until then, wish­ing you good health and much joy in 2015!


holiday skirt

I made this some­times in the fall, did­n’t have a chance to wear it until the hol­i­days :D

Photo 2014-12-27, 12 41 17 PM

The pat­tern was from this book. I added the but­ton pan­el because I was­n’t sure the fab­ric would have enough stretch for the fit­ted waist open­ing to go over the hips. It turned out a bit big on me but I like that it looks woven. Here’s a clos­er look at my blue/light blue/brown colour pattern :)

Photo 2014-12-27, 11 37 30 AM

More posts on hol­i­day craft­ing to come! Hope every­one has had a rest­ful and joy­ous hol­i­day season!



sparkles sparkles sparkles

I don’t usu­al­ly wear nail pol­ish. I actu­al­ly don’t own any nail pol­ish before this. I don’t real­ly like how it feels on my fin­ger­nails, if that makes sense… Though I do like see­ing it on oth­er peo­ple’s nails.

And it’s spark­ly, and comes with built-in brush­es! It’s the best craft mate­r­i­al ever.

So! I had an idea to turn some hum­ble but­tons into spark­ly ear­rings with nail pol­ish. And it worked!

Photo 2014-12-18, 10 57 08 PM

Fes­tive and spark­ly but not too flashy, and VERY sim­ple to make. Makes a nice last minute gift too :) It will take more than a minute though, the dry­ing in between takes a bit of time. So I would do oth­er things in between, like sleep, go to work, eat, watch TV, work on oth­er crafts, etc. Do refrain from sit­ting there and watch­ing it dry, like I did when I made the first pairs, because I just could­n’t wait to see how it would turn out! Noth­ing wrong with that. Except for the headache that the nail pol­ish fumes gave me :S


I made a cou­ple of pairs for the phys­i­cal shop and some as gifts :)

I used:


Nail pol­ish — a metal­lic opaque colour and some glit­tery vari­eties (I got these from the dol­lar store for $2 each)

Ordi­nary round buttons

Ear­ring posts and backings

E6000 glue (or GOOP works well too, from my experience)

Gloss acrylic var­nish (not pic­tured, because I don’t think you need it, I just have it on hand. It can be bought at art sup­plies stores and craft stores. I got mine at Michaels)

What I did:


Glue ear­ring posts on but­tons with E6000. Let it dry/cure overnight.


Stick the ear­rings on a piece of foam (I used a new kitchen sponge). Paint on first coat with opaque colour. Care­ful­ly put on a good, thick lay­er with­out it spilling over the edge. The nail pol­ish will sink into the but­ton holes and dents will appear, so just put on more thick coats after the each coat is dry to the touch (about half an hour), until the dents disappear.


And now put on thick coats of the spark­ly colours. I did 3–4 coats, wait­ing about half an hour between each coat, build­ing up a bit of a dome shape, like so…


I fin­ished off by paint­ing a thin coat of gloss acrylic var­nish around the sides of the but­tons and a lit­tle over the top, just in case the nail pol­ish peels off the but­tons, like it would on fin­ger­nails… but I don’t actu­al­ly think it would peel off with such thick lay­ers of pol­ish. But just in case.

And ta-da!


Sim­ple, right? And would­n’t it look awe­some with dif­fer­ent shapes but­tons, and dif­fer­ent colours of glit­tery nail pol­ish? I’ve seen some that comes with star-shaped glit­ters! If you do give it a try, I would love to hear how it goes!

Wish­ing you a very hap­py weekend!


this week’s awesome finds

’tis the sea­son for (quick) hand­made gifts! :D

Ok, maybe this one isn’t so quick… but I love the sim­plic­i­ty of garter stitch. And the accom­pa­ny­ing neck­lace is prob­a­bly a quick-make! From


This is so very beau­ti­ful. And looks to be quite easy to make in large batch­es (prob­a­bly also works with store bought gin­ger­bread and cake, for peo­ple who don’t bake, like me. I know, it’s not the same as home­made gin­ger­bread and cake, but some of us just aren’t great at bak­ing). I espe­cial­ly love the ones with the gin­ger­bread ani­mals. From My Name is Yeh.


Also in a jar — deli­cious soup! Just add water! Who does­n’t like warm soup in the win­ter? From She Uncov­ered.


I think this is pret­ty hilar­i­ous, in a very fes­tive kind of way. From Sug­ar & Cloth.


For the mac­aron lovers in your life. (good thing the mac­aron lover in my life does­n’t read my blog :P) I imag­ine using Mod­el Mag­ic would make it feel very much like a real mac­aron. From Adven­tures in Fash­ion.


These hand­made hand warm­ers stay warm about 20 min­utes, per­fect for wait­ing for the bus on win­try morn­ings. And unlike the dol­lar store vari­ety they’re reusable and there­fore friend­lier to the envi­ron­ment. From My Crafti­ly Ever After.


Glit­tery gum­drops, so cheer­ful, and extra fan­cy when they’re home­made. From Bak­erel­la.


I think these mag­net­ic tin snow globes are genius. From A Girl & a Boy.

Hap­py hol­i­day craft­ing!! :D