hope is like a country road


Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.”
Lin Yutang

(Acrylic on raw canvas with oil pastels)


In the past years I’ve been working / interning / volunteering in various community agencies, running groups that use expressive arts to support women in dealing with different challenges. Time and again I witness hope growing like wildflowers amongst and within people as they work together and share experiences, wisdom, joy, and pain; each person a light that brightens the path for others. I think this is true in many other communities and groups too.

And I’m grateful for you. I don’t think I say this enough, but I so appreciate the time that you take to visit, your interest in the things I make, your kind and encouraging comments. Whether we’ve spoken or written to each other or not, I cherish all of the connections that we’ve made through this space. 

Thank you so much! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


monster pops

monster pop 1

 Was wondering what to do with leftover coconut milk that we bought to make curry with, then I came across this post on how to make fruity striped ice cubes!

We happened to have a can of frozen mango juice as well, it was perfect :D 

Aren’t these monster pop molds just awesome? Mike bought them last summer :D It looks like the monsters have glowing brains under the kitchen light…

monster pop 2

 I added sugar to the coconut milk before pouring it into the mold, but I thought it tasted a bit bitter after it was frozen… does coconut milk taste bitter? Or did we leave it in the fridge for too long and it went bad…? Neither Mike and I felt unwell after eating two each, though. Hmm…

It’s going to hit 30℃ tomorrow — here comes summer!

Have a beautiful rest of the week!


this week’s levitations


 This was from earlier in the spring. My parents’ garden just started growing.



 Blooming trees in the neighbourhood :D



 A really warm weekend by Lake Huron.



 This is one of my very favourite so far. At the Toronto Public Labyrinth, with a bit of history:

As many labyrinths are found near the water, this labyrinth is located on the former course of Taddle Creek, a stream that has been buried for more than one hundred and fifty years. The granite blocks that have been set into the paving at the entrance to the labyrinth and the nearby water feature in the square serve as reminders of this buried creek.”


Have a great week, everyone!


happily crocheting along :D

crochet along

So grateful that my blogging friend Amy has invited to the crochet-along at the yarn shop she works at! :D I don’t think I’ve had that much fun for a long time, chatting about everything from bacon to sweet gum trees and the structure and weight of yarn… laughing and learning (I’ve never heard of sweet gum trees, and have been making sweaters that look odd never realizing that the oddness is caused by a mismatched fiber substitution!) while getting lots done on my project :D Such a wonderful, warm, friendly and funny group of people! And as someone whose main line of work at the moment is to run expressive arts groups, it’s just REALLY nice to be a participant once in a while rather than a facilitator. 

And I even got a tour of the yarn shop, it’s really an AMAZING yarn shop! I wish I live right next to it. I’d just go and hang out there. Amongst the yarn. And feeling blissful. It’s not just the rows and rows of colour-coordinated yarn of all sorts of weight and fiber and brands, but there’s so much love poured into taking care of the yarn and making it a welcoming, creative place for visitors. The staff are so knowledgeable! They even have buttons! Buttons! SO! If you’re ever in St. Louis, be sure to check out Knitorious! :D And if you can’t get to St. Louis for a while, check out Amy’s blog instead, it’s hilarious with lots of crafty goodness, always makes me smile :D

Oh yes, this is what we’re working on…


The swing jacket from the 2013 issue of Vogue crochet! :D 

I think I want to pair it with a green dress and wearing it to a wedding in August. Maybe I’ll have a sewing project coming up next…

Will keep you posted! :D Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of creative goodness! 





Remembering Kathreen Ricketson, whose blog, Whipup, was one of the first blogs I followed, whose creative energy inspired and motivated me to create, whose generosity and desire to increase exposure for fellow crafters contributed so much to growth of individual artisans and the crafting community as a whole. I’ve had the privilege of exchanging a few emails with Kathreen, when I timidly sent her one of my first tutorials, and she agreed to share it on her widely popular blog. I was so excited, so encouraged by her kind words. My heart weeps over the tragic accident that took the lives of Kathreen and her partner, Rob. An account has been set up for their children, Otilija and Orlando. Details are posted here for those who’d like to contribute.



this week’s awesome finds

Sweet! Luscious chiffon cake tissue cozy free pattern by the awesome Twinkie Chan!


A very stylishly crocheted chevron sweater, on my to-make list :D From Make My Day Creative.


Treasure! A myriad of mushroom knitting patterns, generously shared on Kathryn Ivy.


The most lovely cake boxes, by Ravelry designer CGW Joanita Theron.


Sweet twine-wrapped washer necklaces, on Design Mom.


*squeal* A needle-felted Totoro! Video tutorial by fiber artist Jackie Huang on Make.


I was thinking maybe making a collar like this and sew it to a plain top — wouldn’t it be sweet? Pattern can be adjusted to fit child or adult. From Lulu Loves.


Such neat idea, wine cork pendants! From Fiskars.


Looks like a knitting project I can handle :D Love its simple design. From Kollabora.


Wishing you a lovely week!










cherry blossom festival! :D

I must say, this is the time of the year that I look forward to the most. It’s not really an official festival, but to me it’s always exciting like a festival :D

The weather is especially gorgeous this year over the few days of peak bloom, which attracted a large and merry gathering of people at High Park even on a Monday night when we went.

high park


My sister brought along Wish Bunny, a rabbit with wings from a Japanese comic called Cardcaptor Sakura, I think. I made Wish Bunny in my high school days, nearly 15 years ago. Still in good shape and fit to climb trees :D

wish bunny 1

wish bunny 2


I wore my blooming dress for the occasion…



We packed a picnic of onigiri and imitation crab meat salad.



Then we took a stroll by the lake, and a swan came to join the merry gathering! 



And of course we took levitating photos amongst the blooming trees! Will post them in the next few days :D

Happy spring!



summer sewing begins :D

Summer sewing begins with a bandana dress :D

bandana dress 3


It actually started as a bandana top last summer, made with two bandanas, each cut in half, then sewed together in the middle-front, middle-back, and side seams, leaving space for armholes and a v‑neck.

But it didn’t look right when I tried it on. It was poufing out in all sorts of strange places. I got discouraged and left it in the closet for the entire fall and winter. Then recently I thought maybe if I extend it into a dress it might drape more nicely. So I went back to Honest Ed’s where I found the bandanas, and was able to find two more in the exact same colour and pattern! Almost couldn’t believe it.

I sewed the two bandanas into a tube to make a skirt, then sewed them to the top at waist line.

This is the back of it…

bandana dress 1

It clearly needed some waist shaping, so I used the same trick as I did with this top, with buttons and button loops. I really like the blue buttons on the brown/white/orange pattern :D

bandana dress 2


(Please excuse the out of focus photos :S)

Can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough to wear it outside :D


Happy May!