sunshine cardigan

Photo 2016-01-31, 2 54 10 PM

First fin­ished project of the year! :D

Made this from the Burn­side Cardi­gan pat­tern by KT & the Squid. I have nev­er used yel­low in an entire sweater before. I love how it turns out so retro-look­ing. And I love the fun­nel neck! There was a huge sale for the Impec­ca­ble yarn at Michaels and it has a nice shade of yel­low, so that was what I used.

I’d love to say that my super grainy over-exposed pho­tos are inten­tion­al, to go with the retro sweater, but that’s real­ly because the light­ing is hor­ri­ble on this very grey day and this is the best my phone could do. Oh well. It goes with the retro sweater! Almost looks like film does­n’t it? :D

Photo 2016-01-31, 2 53 37 PM

I mod­i­fied the pat­tern a bit by adding the blue and grey stripes, the pock­ets, dif­fer­ent front pan­els (rows of sc stitch­es run­ning up and down instead of rib cro­cheted side­ways) and but­ton holes. I think I also made the sweater one size too small (XS — I should’ve made S). Usu­al­ly sweaters I make from pat­terns turn out too big for me, so I went for the small­est size, but this pat­tern is very accu­rate with its siz­ing. So I had to widen the front but­ton pan­els quite a bit.

I bought these retro-look­ing but­tons from a nice Etsy sell­er.

Photo 2016-01-31, 2 55 13 PM

I post­ed a self­ie of this sweater on Insta­gram. Mike thought if it’s not for my phone the pic­ture could have looked like it’s from the 70’s, with our type­writer and stuff. So he replaced my phone with a record :D


I love the straight­for­ward style of KT & the Squid. Recent­ly bought anoth­er pat­tern to make a sweater for Mike (and anoth­er for myself lat­er), will let you know when his is done :D

Here’s hop­ing for lots of sun­shine for every­one this week!



Photo 2016-01-06, 6 04 25 PM

Paint­ed some pet rocks one day. Mag­i­cal spark­ly cats! :D

The white one lives on my desk at work now, gift­ed the yel­low one to my desk neigh­bour. Going to pick up more rocks from the beach when the weath­er gets warmer, and paint more cats :D

Also, final­ly vis­it­ed the very first cat cafe in Toron­to!

Photo 2015-12-15, 2 07 12 PM

As expect­ed, the cats are most­ly sleep­ing when we vis­it­ed. But it’s still nice to hang out :)

Photo 2015-12-15, 1 54 18 PM

Photo 2015-12-15, 2 04 53 PM

The Cat Cafe takes in cats from the Humane Soci­ety, and the cats can be adopt­ed. These two are best buds and must be adopt­ed together :)

In oth­er news, I bought some rein­deer moss the oth­er day and made some ter­rar­i­um neck­laces for the shop. I thought they looked pret­ty nice. This one had some agate chips and laven­der in it.

Photo 2016-01-17, 5 55 52 PM

Hope every­one’s hav­ing a good week­end! :D



make a toasty blanket!

Photo 2015-11-22, 9 32 06 AM

I made this fun blan­ket for a dear friend who’s hav­ing a baby. I thought it could serve as a warm blan­ket for the stroller and car­rides, and maybe also as a floor blan­ket to roll around on. It also works as a cozy lap blan­ket for mom! :D

With the bulky yarn and giant hook, it’s a pret­ty quick project. The fin­ished size is about 26“x30”.

What I used:
Bernat Blan­ket, 1 ball of “sand” and 1 ball of “taupe” (I had quite a lot of taupe left, prob­a­bly enough to make 2 pairs of the slip­pers in this post)
Light yel­low yarn for but­ter pat (I hap­pen to have a che­nille tex­ture yarn that I got from the dol­lar store once, but any yel­low yarn would do)
15 mm hook (for toast)
Appro­pri­ate size hook for but­ter pat (depend­ing on the yarn you’re using)
6 mm hook (for facial details)
Tapes­try needle

What I did:

With “sand” colour yarn, ch 31.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in every ch across, turn (30 sc).

Row 2: ch 1 (does not count as sc), sc in each sc across, turn.

Repeat row 2 until piece is about 22″ from beginning.

Bread top shaping:

Row 1: ch 1, 2 sc tog, sc in each sc across until 2 sc left in row, 2 sc tog, turn.

Row 2: repeat row 1 of bread top shaping.

Row 3: ch 1, 2 sc tog, sc in next 9 sc, 2 sc tog, turn.

Row 4: ch 1, 2 sc tog twice, sc in each sc until 4 sc left in row, 2 sc tog twice, turn.

Row 5: ch 1, skip first sc, sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc tog, turn.

Row 6: ch 1, skip first sc, 3 sc tog, fas­ten off, weave in ends.

Attach yarn to mid­dle of bread top shap­ing at row 3, repeat rows 3–6 for the oth­er side of bread top.


Attached “taupe” colour yarn to any stitch at the bot­tom edge of toast, ch 1 (does not count as sc), sc around toast even­ly (1 sc in each sc at bot­tom edge and bread top, 1 sc in each row-end on the sides, mak­ing 2 sc in each cor­ner, and mak­ing 3 sc tog in the mid­dle of bread top where it dips in), sl st in first sc to fin­ish round.

Cro­chet 2 more times around toast, fas­ten off, weave in ends.

Eyes (make 2, or more, to make a mul­ti-eyed mon­ster toast):

With “taupe”, 10 hdc in mag­ic ring, sl st in first hdc to com­plete round, fas­ten off, leave a long tail for sewing.


With “taupe” and 6 mm hook, ch 9, fas­ten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

But­ter pat:

Cro­chet a rec­tan­gle about 3“x4”. Num­ber of stitch­es and rows will depend on the yarn you use. When fas­ten­ing off, leave a long tail for sewing.


Sew eyes, smile and but­ter pat onto toast with tapes­try nee­dle. When sewing on but­ter pat, I tucked in bits of the bot­tom edge so it looks like it’s melting.

And here’s Mr. Toast relax­ing before going to his new home :)

Photo 2015-11-22, 9 30 58 AM

Stay toasty, every­one! :D

this week’s awesome finds

Super cool pom pom solar sys­tem. Tuto­r­i­al shows you how to make all the plan­ets, includ­ing the ring around Sat­urn and the red spot in Jupiter :D From We Are Scout.

Sim­ple and sweet place card hold­er with an origa­mi star. From here.

Tuto­r­i­al to make your own (live and grow­ing!) Hob­bit gar­den. From Enva­to Tuts+.

Seashell can­dles, made with a cou­ple of tealights. From DIY Louisville.

Not some­thing I have the skills to make, but so pret­ty, and the pat­terns are free, from Knit Picks.

Take framed wall-hang­ing pho­tos one step fur­ther — make pop up pho­tos! From Pho­to­jo­jo.

Have a great week, every­one! :D

more Christmas crafting fun!

We spent the new year with my fam­i­ly, the gift-open­ing con­tin­ues! :D

I fin­ger-knit­ted my sis­ter a head­band in a colour that I thought she’d like (kind of pur­ple sun­set-sky-like), with this tuto­r­i­al I wrote :)

Photo 2015-12-31, 7 56 15 PM

And using the same fin­ger-knit­ting method, I made a neck warmer for my mom. Just made it wider than the head­band, but it’s the same length. The dou­ble-thick fab­ric made by fin­ger-knit­ting makes it very, very warm. She demon­strat­ed wear­ing it as a head­band too, as well as a Smurf-style hat :P

Photo 2015-12-31, 10 36 40 PM

And in the air was the aro­ma of the scent­ed can­dle I got for my dad. He likes scent­ed can­dles :D

And for me! :D I got an assort­ment of sea­weed and SQUID FLOSS!! From Mike, who knows me so well! :D I love squid floss. I got more squid floss from my par­ents :D

Photo 2015-12-23, 9 44 18 PM

And I got The Lit­tle World of Liz Climo from my sis­ter. If you haven’t checked out her work before, I high­ly rec­om­mend tak­ing a look at her Tum­blr — it is hilar­i­ous and adorable, espe­cial­ly if you like cute talk­ing ani­mals, it will total­ly bright­en up your day :D

And a gift from my mom — a new year hair­cut! :D


I’m the luck­i­est daugh­ter. My mom’s always cut my hair. She took class­es when I was very young. I’ve nev­er been to a hair salon in my life until a few years ago. Part­ly because of con­ve­nience (it was a long com­mute to my par­ents’), part­ly because I know how tir­ing it is to cut some­one’s hair (because I’ve tried cut­ting Mike’s hair :S), and part­ly because I want­ed a pret­ty extreme asym­met­ri­cal cut at the time (like near­ly shaved on one side) and I was­n’t sure if she’d be will­ing to do it, I’ve been going to a hair salon for the last while. But since I was home and my mom was­n’t busy I asked if she could cut my hair. I still like the idea of an asym­met­ri­cal hair­cut, but I thought I’d go for a more sub­tle look this time, a bit less dra­mat­ic for the workplace.

My mom nev­er disappoints! :)

Photo 2016-01-01, 2 11 33 PM

I’m very pleased with it, now I’m all ready for 2016! :D

(actu­al­ly, I’d like anoth­er week of hol­i­day, or bet­ter yet, this hol­i­day week just mag­i­cal­ly loops on over and over again, just think­ing about all the chal­lenges that haven’t resolved before going into the holidays.

But hol­i­days always end, and chal­lenges will always be there, no mat­ter where we go, or what we do, and maybe the way to deal with them is not to wish that they’re not there, but to “turn towards” them (in the words of one of my teach­ers) in faith, that things will work out one way or anoth­er, and that I’m nev­er alone in deal­ing with them.)

And so for the new year, and the win­ter months ahead, I thought it’d be fit­ting to share this with you :D

(orig­i­nal post here)

Hap­py new year, every­one! :D *toss­es glitter*