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I love, love, love crocheting. It makes me so happy. And I love to spread the joy of crocheting by sharing the patterns that I make up along the way. Sometimes I also try to make up tutorials using other materials.

So, you’re welcome to

  • make things with the patterns/tutorials for gifts or personal use.
  • sell the finished products made from the patterns/tutorials, but please credit this blog and include a link to the pattern.
  • use images or brief quotes from this blog for personal use only, and please remember to credit this blog and link back directly.
  • show me your creations! I would love to see them and hear your feedback! Just leave a comment! :D

But please…

  • do not redistribute, resell, rewrite, or repost the entire patterns/tutorials; if you’d like to share the patterns/tutorials on other websites or publications, please simply include a link to this blog.

I also like to feature/link to photos of awesome crafts, tutorials and inspirations I find on other blogs in “this week’s awesome finds” and other posts. I try to be very diligent in looking up each blog’s policy regarding content sharing before borrowing images, and will not repost the images without asking if permission is required, and will definitely not repost if the blog owner indicates that it is not okay to do so. But sometimes I miss such policy statements even when I’ve scanned through your blog, and if I’ve posted your photos and you’re not okay with it please send me an email (see below) and let me know, I will take down the photo as quickly as I can.

Questions? Feel free to email me at genuinemudpie [at] gmail [dot] com!

Thank you so much for visiting! Enjoy the patterns!

9 thoughts on “content sharing

  1. trish,
    i saw the pattern for the plush clutch on knitting i made one according to your directions then added some of my own stuff. i crocheted a flower and leaves to add to the flap and made a Knot button from the yarn. really cute. do you have any suggestions on how to line it. i’m not really happy with the way i did it.

  2. Hi Lorraine,

    Thank you for visiting! I’m glad you like the pattern and your added touch sounds fabulous! In terms of lining the bag, I just used the tutorial from Futuregirl for sewing the lining ( and for sewing the lining into the crochet bag (

    Hope that helps! Happy crafting!


  3. Hey Trish! Love your blog! I just started my You Tube chanel and I’m totally going to give you props on my next vlog. I’ve been making beanies, scarfs, cowls, and jewelry but stumbled across your neck warmer on Ravelry and followed it here. SO darling! It gave me a burst of creative inspiration, I can’t wait to share and hopefully help add to your following! Cheers love!! Jayde

  4. Hi! I’ve started making some of your crocheted baby krakens, and they’re incredibly fun to do. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

  5. Hi Trish, I have only been crocheting for 6 months and love your sun bucket hat. i am having a little trouble figuring out how you do your increases. it doesnt make sense to me from other patterns. could you explain a row with increase in a different manner for me? I really want to make this hat, it is so adorable and unique. I live in Az so sun hats are a must. Thanks, Julie

  6. hello julie! thanks for trying out the bucket hat pattern. whenever the pattern says “inc.”, that means increase. it means that instead of just making one hdc in the ch 1 space, make 1 hdc, ch 1, and 1 hdc in the same ch 1 space. i hope this helps!

  7. Hi Trish, Yes thank you , that helps clarify it for me. I was doing too many increases and knew it looked too big. I will start over and let you know. It is the cutest hat ever. I know my daughter 42yrs. will want one when she sees it! Keep up the great designs. Sincerely, Julie

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