new year, new wallpaper! :D

I was feel­ing very proud of this fluffy wreath and its mer­ry mush­room friends (which I made from a giant pipe clean­er and wine corks), and Mike kind­ly took real­ly nice pho­tos of them and made it into a desk­top wall­pa­per for me, thought I’d share it with you! :D 

Just click on the size you want and it should bring up an image that you can save.




Wish­ing every­one a very hap­py new year! May 2017 bring much joy, lots of crafty adven­tures and many blessings :)


happy Christmas everybody! :D

Wish­ing every­one a joy­ous hol­i­day and many bless­ings for the new year!


And here’s a bit of behind-the-scene with this greet­ing card… every year Mike and I make Christ­mas cards togeth­er to send to friends and fam­i­ly. It’s a bit of a tra­di­tion of ours. This year we came up with the jel­ly­fish idea. We thought about lino block prints (which we may still try anoth­er year) and sim­ply print­ing an image from the com­put­er. Even­tu­al­ly we ran out of time, so I just thought I’d try my hands on what­ev­er we had in the house, which was an eras­er and a big old util­i­ty knife. 

Turned out not so bad did­n’t it? :D I’m quite proud of it actu­al­ly. I also carved the hol­ly stamp, and the berries are stamped with the end of a bam­boo skew­er. Mike typed the text with his grand­moth­er’s type writer.

Cheers to anoth­er year of sim­ple joys, new adven­tures and shared journey! :) 


this week’s awesome finds

For some­thing dif­fer­ent under the tree, make a glow­ing igloo vil­lage! From Miss Red Fox.


Socks knit­ted on 2 nee­dles! I’m intrigued by its origa­mi-like con­struc­tion. From Zoom Yum­my.


Sweet mini teacup orna­ments, for the tea lovers in our lives. From Thirsty for Tea.


Sim­ply fluffy yarn wreath, from A Beau­ti­ful Mess.


Also some­thing dif­fer­ent under the tree — a donut tree skirt! And no sew! From Cur­bly.


A cozy plaid slouchy hat, pat­tern from Whis­tle & Ivy.


Cheers! :D


a merry fluffy Christmas

Our decor is pret­ty min­i­mal this year but it does­n’t mean that it’s any less fun!

I was hop­ing to replace the paper flower wreath on our apart­ment door (which cov­ers up a half-peeled/­dis­in­te­grat­ing Neigh­bour­hood Watch stick­er), and I’ve been want­i­ng to make a pom pom wreath, but I know that I would­n’t have time to make all the pom poms. While brows­ing at Michaels I saw this giant, the most fluffy pipe clean­er, so I thought I’d try twist­ing it into a wreath! 

At first I was just going to twist it into a sim­ple, round wreath, with mush­rooms made of wine corks that I’ve been sav­ing for that pur­pose. But then I thought, what if the wreath has arms? What if it’s a wreath-shaped crea­ture? So the fluffy wreath with its mush­room friends were born :D

I’m only show­ing a close up of the wreath right now because these friends deserve their own post, so stay tuned! :D

(The wreath end­ed up on the wall inside the apart­ment because I could­n’t bear to leave them on the out­side of our door in the hallway)

The left over pipe clean­er turned into a tiny Christ­mas tree :D with a very excit­ed Totoro.

But we still need­ed some­thing fes­tive on our door. So I final­ly made the delight­ful plum pud­ding pom pom from Fleur Berna­dine! There are a num­ber of plum pud­ding pom pom tuto­ri­als out there, but I love that this one incor­po­rates a but­ton at the top. 

The fluffy plum pud­ding cer­tain­ly brings some hol­i­day cheers to the cur­rent­ly very grim-look­ing hall­way, which is cur­rent­ly under­go­ing ren­o­va­tion (please excuse the poor lighting).

I don’t have a pom pom mak­er so I made one with card­board using this tuto­r­i­al, which is very handy with tem­plates for dif­fer­ent sizes of pom poms. But it turns out to be quite chal­leng­ing (per­haps because it was my first time try­ing to use a home­made pom pom mak­er and I had dull scis­sors). Maybe I’ll invest in a pom pom mak­er. Just think about all the pos­si­bil­i­ties that pom poms can make! Pom pom ani­mals, pom pom fruits, pom pom wreath…

Mer­ry craft­ing! :D


the most sincere socks


‘Tis the count­down to Christ­mas, I thought I’d share a most sin­cere idea for the most prac­ti­cal gift. Who does­n’t need an extra pair of socks? Great alter­na­tive to choco­late cov­ered marsh­mal­low San­tas when you need to get an under $5 secret San­ta gift. 

The pom pom on top is actu­al­ly a fun fes­tive hair tie! I’ll show you how I made that as well.

I got a pack of 5 reused yarn socks from MUJI, they’re soft and love­ly (not to men­tion that it’s such a nice relax­ing expe­ri­enc­ing when brows­ing around at the MUJI store) and cost around $20 CAD, which rounds out to about $4 a pair. 

This is super sim­ple and involves things that you prob­a­bly have stashed away at home if you’re a crafter:

  • A new pair of socks in cup­cake colour
  • An elas­tic band
  • Light card stock or scrap­book­ing paper (I bought a sheet of gold metal­lic paper from Michaels for 99 cents)
  • Cup­cake wrap­per tem­plate (there are tons of print­able tem­plates out there, I can’t seem to find the one I used >_<, but this one seems just as great)
  • Scis­sors
  • Scotch tape
  • Mug of tea (essen­tial!)

Here we have our pair of socks, and the elas­tic band.


With the socks stacked togeth­er, fold them in half length­wise. The heels will stick out but that’s ok.


Start­ing from the cuff end, roll up the socks.


Secure the sock roll with elas­tic band.


Have a sip of tea. Trans­fer cup­cake wrap­per pat­tern onto the back of card stock / scrap­book­ing paper, and cut out the pattern.


Wrap the wrap­per around the sock roll, and secure with a piece of tape.


Repeat with all the pairs of socks you’ve got and set them aside.


Now we make the pom pom hair tie :D 

I used: 

  • A fork
  • Small amount of red worsted weight yarn 
  • Small amount of spark­ly sil­ver yarn (for a fes­tive touch)
  • Scis­sors
  • Hair elas­tics
  • Fab­ric glue (great to have, but not essential)

Using a fork to make small pom poms isn’t my orig­i­nal idea. There are a few tuto­ri­als out there, like this one from Eskim­i­mi Makes.

Basi­cal­ly, you would wind the yarn around the prongs of the fork (as you can see I used two dif­fer­ent yarns, and I cut off a length of the sil­ver yarn for wind­ing, rather than wind­ing direct­ly from the skein, to make things easier)…


… after you’re done wind­ing, cut yarn. Then cut a length of red yarn about 6 inch­es long, and tie the yarn around the mid­dle by thread­ing one yarn end through the base of the 2nd and 3rd prongs of the fork, and the oth­er yarn end between the 2nd and 3rd prongs at the tip.

Trim the pom pom but leave the tying yarn long.


Using the tying yarn, tie the pom pom to the hair elas­tic with dou­ble knot. Apply a dab of fab­ric glue (if you have it) to the knot to extra secure it.


Here we have our cup­cake top­pings! I also bought these adorable straw­ber­ry bells from Etsy sell­er Mim­iLo­lo, I attached them to cell phone charm hang­ers (not sure if they’re called that, but you know what I mean), thought they’d make great zip­per pull or fes­tive back­pack orna­ments! :D

If you know that the gift recip­i­ent won’t like hair ties or zip­per pulls, a sim­ple Toot­sie Pop might make the best alter­na­tive topping.


I pulled the hair elas­tic / cell phone charm hang­er through the mid­dle of the sock rolls using a cro­chet hook.


Ta-da! The most sin­cere socks of them all! Linus would be proud. (see It’s the Great Pump­kin, Char­lie Brown)


I put some of them in recy­cled pack­ag­ing from gift soaps.


And I made a flat-bot­tom gift bag with wrap­ping paper fol­low­ing this tuto­r­i­al. I then fold­ed the top down, punched two holes at the top through all lay­ers, thread­ed a fan­cy string through and tied a bow.


Have a sweet week, everyone! 




weekend quick make, with hex nuts!

Came across a book on mak­ing jew­el­ry with hard­ware store mate­r­i­al one day, was curi­ous about what peo­ple make with hex nuts, and spent an evening look­ing at all the dif­fer­ent hex nut tuto­ri­als. Espe­cial­ly love this bril­liant ear­ring idea from Cafe Craftea.

Final­ly went to Cana­di­an Tire on my lunch break one day and picked up the small­est hex nuts I could find.

I sim­ply glued the hex nut onto a 4mm ear­ring post with some E6000 and let it cure over night. Very sim­ple. Made a pair with­out glit­ter because I like the slight­ly steam­punk look :D


And for the glit­ter ear­rings, I glued the hex nuts onto the ear­ring posts like the plain ones, then I filled the hex nuts with a bit of glit­ter nail pol­ish with the help of a tooth­pick. Once the nail pol­ish is dried, I applied a lay­er of Mod Podge Dimen­sion­al Mag­ic to seal it, also with a toothpick.


Quite hap­py with how they turned out :D

Have a good week­end everyone!