ramen cardigan


I wanted to make a cozy, sort of slouchy fall cardigan that one would want to relax in. I was going to name it something poetic like “lakeside” to evoke the relaxed cottage vibe, but then I posted an in-progress picture on social media and one of my friends commented that it looked like ramen. And I thought, that’s a much better better name for it! After all, I can relate to relaxing at home, watching movies on TV and eating ramen more than I can relate to relaxing at the cottage, which I’ve actually never done in my life.

This is a very easy cardigan to make. It is based on the one row lace pattern by Magda Makes. I made an infinity scarf for a friend one year using the pattern and had a lot of fun, I figure I would make an entire sweater with it :D

The cardigan is made of 5 rectangular pieces. These pieces are seamed together, then a 2x2 rib is worked along the front pieces and back of neck for collar.

It has a loose-fitting body with fitted sleeves. It’s also made with a loose gauge, so it’s pretty plushy.


Measurements of my cardigan:
Bust = 40″
Sleeve circumference = 11″
Length = 21″

Size adjustments:
I made the cardigan to fit me, but since the construction and stitch pattern is so simple, it wouldn’t be too difficult to adjust size. To increase or decrease width, add or subtract multiple of 4 stitches. 4 stitches = approx. 1″

I used:
Worsted weight yarn, approx. 1000 yards (more yarn will be needed if you’re making a larger cardigan)
7 mm straight needles
6 mm circular needles, 29″

What I did:


With larger needles, CO 80.

Work k2, p2 rib for 8 rows.

Work 1 row lace pattern by Magda Makes until piece is 21″, or desired length, from CO edge. Fasten off loosely.

Right and Left Front (make 2)

CO 28.

Work k2, p2 rib for 8 rows.

Work 1 row lace pattern by Magda Makes until piece is 21″, or desired length, from CO edge. Fasten off loosely.

Sleeves (make 2)

CO 40.

Work k2, p2 rib for 8 rows.

Work 1 row lace pattern by Magda Makes until piece is 17″, or desired length, from CO edge. Fasten off loosely.


With right sides together, sew shoulder seams together.

With smaller needles and right side facing, pick up an even number of stitches evenly up the front, across back the neck, and along the other front. (approx. 1 st per row-end up/down front, and 1 st in each st across back of neck works for me)

Work k2, p2 rib for 8 rows, fasten off purl-wise.


Find mid-point of sleeve, match this point to the shoulder seam, pin sleeve to body, then sew sleeve to body with right sides together. Repeat for the other sleeve. Sew sleeve and side seams together. Weave in ends.

Throw it on and be cozy! :D


Happy autumn! :D


this week’s awesome finds

Super cute lined paper pullover, I want one! From Knit Picks.

Often wonder how one would knit such thick wool… here’s a tutorial from Lebenslustiger.

Love this silly-looking rattler. From Lanukas (English translation of the pattern at the end of post).

Got a new grey sock? You can make your very own Pusheen plush! :D From My Pastel Cafe.

Awesome night owls (or owl night lights) from BruDiy.

Just discovered on Pinterest! A free Wool and the Gang pattern! :D :D :D I’m a big fan of the sweater patterns by WATG, but almost all of their patterns are sold in kits, which I can’t really afford… so a free sweater pattern is very exciting! Now I just have to get myself some 12mm and 25mm needles. Sign up and download at WATG.

Build your own Lovebot and join the love invasion! :D Download the free Lego building plan here. Haven’t heard the story behind Lovebot? Here’s a bit of history from his website:

The Love Invasion began as a Toronto-based grassroots initiative, featuring the deployment of 100 hand-cast concrete Lovebot sculptures. Acting as a unique and meaningful social objects placed in the paths of pedestrians, each Lovebot sculpture was dedicated to a person or group that performed a powerful act of kindness in their community. The purpose: to illuminate the kindness and compassion in our city and, inspire more.”

You can read more about the Lovebot here :D and see where the Lovebots have been placed and their stories here.

I try to take a picture with one whenever I stumble upon one :D

Here’s me with a Lovebot at the Junction Summer Festival last year (and an avocado popsicle :D)

Photo 2014-06-21, 6 23 05 PM

This is in front of Mabel’s Fable, a magical children’s bookstore.

Photo 2014-07-14, 3 16 19 PM

This is in front of Thor Espresso Bar near the waterfront.


Keep an eye out for the lovely robot if you’re in the neighbourhood! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

end of summer in black & white

Not that I feel particularly sad about the end of summer. I’ve had lots of fun this summer, but I’m sure there will be good times in the fall and winter too. There’s just something timeless about black and white photographs, capturing those everyday moments that are cherished.


We visit the Distillery District at least once every summer. Took this picture while marveling at the gas lamps lit up at dusk.

indie ale

We got to enjoy some craft beer and lengthy conversations at the Indie Ale House with our good friends, whose children were camping out at their grandparents’ for the week. I think this was the first time we got to do this in 10 years :P I’m by no means a connoisseur of beer, I mostly order based on the names of the beer (I’m a sucker for interesting/pretty product names, I think I’ve mentioned this before…). So here I was having a “Rabbit of Caerbannog”, which I later found out was “an immensely cute but bloodthirsty rabbit-like monster found in Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” according to Villians Wikia.

epic shark

A majestic shark at the aquarium. I’m quite proud of this one.

knit knit knit

Not that the summer would stop me from crocheting or knitting, but I’m excited about making cozier things when the weather is cooler, and my holiday crafting list, the plushy scarves and mittens I’m going to make new wool, and this! I’m experimenting with making a pattern and can’t wait to find out whether it will work out, and I will surely share with you if it does!

And last but not least, I present to you — jellyfish magic at the aquarium.

The jellyfish were lit up with kind of a strange pink light (I guess otherwise they’d be difficult to see since they’re translucent), which my phone camera couldn’t capture very well, so I figure I’d just put a black and white filter on it in Instagram. I think it kind of creates a feeling of being in the deep, dark sea. And it’s just so elegant the way jellyfish move in water.

Cheers to a fabulous summer, and many more summers to come!