this week’s awesome finds

This beautiful cardigan from One Dog Woof! Of course I need another cardigan.

Very cute giant pretzel pillow from Whistle & Ivy.

This is brilliant! :D From Trifles & Treasures.

Beautiful series of succulent patterns from Common Thread. I made a couple of these for my dinosaur planter :)

The older I get the more I like geometric designs, not quite sure why. Also the pom pom edgings are very cute. From Grow Creative.

Another rug, this time a beehive :) I think individual beehive motifs also make really nice coasters. From Moogly.

Sweetest llamas ever. Pattern for sale by Julie Chen on Ravelry.

This is a really pretty stitch. I think it would make a nice scarf. Tutorial for jasmine stitch from Love Crochet.

A nice car coat transitioning into fall — it’s never too early in the summer to start stitching for cold weather :D From Brenda Grobler on Ravelry.

Have a good weekend everybody!

project faux dino

You might recall that a while ago I tried making a dinosaur planter. I planted in it the smallest succulent I could find, in hopes that it won’t out grow the planter, but it turned out that the dinosaur really isn’t enough space for the succulent to grow, and the succulent died :(

Others suggested air plants. Well, I killed an air plant too! I really don’t know how, but the one I had didn’t live very long :’(

Not wanting to give up on the dino planter, but also not wanting to kill another plant, I thought I’d crochet some succulents. Found this beautiful series of patterns by Common Thread and followed them loosely.

Dino’s got its plants again :D

Photo 2016-07-23, 4 23 54 PM

In the pattern the Burro’s tail succulent is made of I‑cords, but I found the result to be too thick, so I just made chains and slip stitch into the chains.

Faux dino + faux sea glass + faux succulent

Photo 2016-07-23, 4 26 15 PM

Photo 2016-07-23, 4 31 07 PM

Quick weekend projects make me happy. Hope everyone is having a good weekend :D



treasures from the beach

I don’t swim, or play beach volley, nor do I enjoy sun-tanning, and reading in the sun hurts my eyes, but I do enjoy going to the beach, combing for beach glass! :D

We’ve visited a couple of local beaches this summer and found some really interesting beach glass pieces. This piece has some loopy marking on it (super macro picture taken with the handy Photojojo macro band :D)


And the other day I made it into a necklace. I was quite pleased with how it turned out :)

Photo 2016-07-12, 7 10 55 PM

Photo 2016-07-12, 7 31 03 AM

This candle holder idea from Lovely Greens has been on my to-make list for a while. Finally I got all the material to put it together. I used drinking glasses from the dollar store, the smallest votive holders I could find, which happened to be at the Muji store, but I think other places like Michaels or Ikea might have them too, and some dollar store sea shells for the base, because the votive holders are much shorter than the glasses.

Photo 2016-07-13, 8 44 44 PM

It’s such a great way to show of the unique pieces of glass. Like this one that seems to come from a screw top bottle.

Photo 2016-07-13, 8 46 03 PM

Mike took some really nice pictures of them with his camera :D



Have a bright and happy week, everyone!


hey maryjane

Crocheting these sandals made me want to further investigate whether homemade shoes are a viable solution for my oddly shaped, high arch, achy feet. So I thought I’d make another pair in a different style :D possibly something for daily casual wear.

I came across this pattern from Hook Candy on Ravelry and really liked how shoe-like they are. I didn’t want something that would make it look like I’m wearing slippers out on the street.

I just used the same yarn as the sandals because I had a lot of the yarn left over. Used the left over jute as well for the soles and treated it as per the instructions from Wildflowers and Sage’s pattern to make them outdoors ready. And the insoles were made with some leftover Bernat cotton from another project.

Photo 2016-07-06, 2 25 25 PM

I’m quite happy with them! :D I didn’t have to modify the pattern at all to make them accommodate the width of my feet. I did have to add an extra round of single crochet stitches to increase the height of the sides and heels so they don’t feel like they’re falling off my feet, and used double strand of yarn for the entire shoe to make it feel a bit sturdier. They were very comfortable when I walked around with them at home.

Photo 2016-07-06, 2 23 34 PM

Photo 2016-07-06, 2 24 03 PM

The other day I took them out for a test run and wore them to work.

Photo 2016-07-11, 8 13 33 AM

After walking on them for a while the texture of the cotton insoles started to bother my feet. It was quite lumpy, and there was a knot in the jute sole that I didn’t hide and flatten very well, and at the end of the day it was digging into my foot and became a bit painful… (man I sound like the princess in princess and the pea…) and the lack of arch support was a problem as well. So when I got home I put in a pair of foam insoles and tried them on again, they felt much better. I’ll take them out again another day. It would be so nice if I could just make my own shoes from now on and do away shoe shopping forever!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


this week’s awesome finds

Tiny rabbit :) free pattern from G Store Gallery.

Perfect pattern for transit-knitting, from Toronto’s LYS, The Knit Cafe :)

The symbol of friendship is easy to make :D from Persia Lou.

Cute cacti that never die, and double as pincushions! From A Beautiful Mess.

Gorgeous summer tunic, and shared generously by Right Brain Crochet on Ravelry.

Have you seen Finding Dory yet? :D My favourite (besides Dory, of course) is Destiny the whale shark! This pattern is designed as a phone holder but it works just as well as a plush :D it looks kind of complicated but it’s knitted flat so I think I will be able to manage… and did I mention it’s a free download? :D By Reuben Briskie on Ravelry.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, everyone!

there is no try

Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” — Yoda

origami yoda

So I did! Folded this origami Yoda on a leisurely Sunday afternoon ^_^

I’ve never gotten into Star Wars as a kid, but recently borrowed episode 7 from our friends, and then decided to watch all of the other episodes to understand the story line. And now Angry Birds Star Wars makes a lot more sense! :D and I developed a new appreciation for the immensely wise Yoda.

The diagram is designed by Fumiaki Kawahata, and it’s linked here. I found parts of it quite difficult to understand, and it’s kind of a complicated model, so I watched this YouTube video and folded along. My folds aren’t very neat, maybe I will fold it again someday. I’m still quite proud of it.

An excellent week, may you have :)