and we will put the lonesome on the shelf

I meant to post these photos much earlier but haven’t gotten around to it. Mike and I went to a wedding two weeks ago, and it was so sweet! One of my favourite part was someone playing Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I on a tin can banjo (hence the title of this post! :D).

Now I really want to learn to make and play a tin can banjo (forget about the fact that I’ve kind of given up on learning the ukulele. So sad that I missed the tuna can banjo workshop in the city last weekend :( hoping they’ll have another one in the future… anyway, I digress.)

These were hanging on the wedding arch.


The wedding took place on the border of Canada by the St. Clair River — Hello to my friends living in the United States! :D


The wedding was an excellent opportunity to put the handmade dress to good use :D 


Feeling the love in every detail :D


Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 



new sky project! :D

Needing a project that I can work on for a very short time each day, was contemplating doing another sky project (I made a scarf for my sister last fall — follow the link for the original pattern if you’re interested in making something similar! :D) because the idea is truly brilliant. And I was already thinking about crocheting a square-top kind of sweater with a large hook (for a soft drape). Thus begins the sky sweater project! :D


The first row! (the photo is kind of misleading… the sky was more grey than it was blue, and the yarn was of a lighter grey, as pictured below.)

With a 10mm hook, 2 rows a day according to the colour of the sky until I have enough length to make a sweater. It would just be a long rectangle with an neck opening in the centre, then folding in half along the shoulders and sewing the sides together to make a sweater. Here are the colours I’m using.

The yarn got tangled a lot last time I made the sky project and I spent more time untangling than crocheting. So this time I’m kind of limiting the colours I’m using, and crocheting with only one strand at a time. 

I wonder how long this is going to take… but image wearing the colours of the sky! :D Very excited.

Will keep you posted! Have an awesome day! :D




late night felting

Was investigating the idea of wet felting as a possible group activity last night. The tutorials I read said that a felted bead takes about 30 seconds to a minute to make, so I thought, I’ll just give it a try now! I have a bunch of roving and there’s plenty of dish soap. 

But after an hour of rolling felt between my palms nothing really came together. Just clumps of shapeless fuzz that aren’t sticking together (they will be put into good use as stuffing for plushes). Possibly because I was trying to see if it would work with lukewarm water, because it won’t be possible to use boiling hot water in group.

Then I read a couple of tutorials of making felt bracelet with kids, and it involves warm water, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

It was indeed a lot easier. Here I am rolling the ends together on my own wrist. It was quite fun.


It turned out a bit big so I thread (or more like force, with the aid of a piece of wire) a red wooden bead onto it.


It feels very soft.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 







Not much to report lately. Still trying to get a rhythm of all the different (and some new) projects and timelines this fall. 

But at the end of the summer I did manage to finish a new set of magnets. The idea of it has been lingering in my head for a while. Tea time! :D


Forgot to take a photo before I packaged it up for the shop, the shape of the teapot is a bit obscured by the plastic, and you can’t see the tea in the teacup (it’s made with yarn the same colour as the cookie)… will have a take better photos if I make another set. Quite proud of the teapot, I must say!

And last week I saw this squirrel eating a pretty sizable chestnut. 

He was so focused and still that I was able to take a picture of him (maybe it’s a she…?). And here he is, having peeled off all the shells and enjoying the chestnut.

I love chestnuts too.

Yesterday, I tasted ground cherries for the first time! :D

(found this nice picture here, with recipe! :D)


Intense flavour for such a small fruit!

New discoveries everyday.

Thinking maybe I need to come up with a daily art practice in the midst of this busyness (which means it would have to be very short, so the square-a-day project wouldn’t work very well — but I think it’s important for me to take the time to pause and make something). Will keep you posted! :D

Have a great weekend, everyone!




hello september


And goodbye summer.

Strange. Looking at this photo (from Mike’s camera on our recent trip) I have this feeling that my old self is carrying all the lazy, fun days of summer and running away from me :S

Can’t help but feel a bit sad about the later sunrise and earlier sunset and decreasing daylight. And everybody’s in a rush again. Schedules get filled up. Less time to craft. 

But hey, whatever I can squeeze in, every small project counts!

Ta-da! :D


Found out (by accident) that the local dollar store sells glitter in tiny glass bottles!! Comes in a pack of 6. I used the one with white glitter in it. Emptied the bottle but a few glitters still stuck to the glass (you can kind of see it in the photo), which I think looks rather sweet. Followed this tutorial to make a pendant. Tried a variety of beads and feathers to hang inside the bottle but didn’t end up with anything I liked, until I remembered that I have a collection of tiny maple keys in the phone book! I knew when I picked them up from the pavement that they will be perfect for a project one day! :D

I applied a thin layer of PVA glue to both sides of the maple key. Probably better to use acrylic medium for that, but I don’t have any at the moment.

It’s hung onto the wire loop with sewing thread. I love the slight pink edge on it.

Made my day :D

I have five other bottles to play with. Still thinking about making the tiny terrarium with moss. Mike reminded me that the art supplies store by the art college probably sells them for students who make architectural models. Will have to check that out. 

And look! My book order just arrived! :D


Bought it with the last of the Christmas gift card money :D I’m a huge fan of Jessica Polka’s fascinating crochet sculptures. I don’t buy crochet patterns very often, but I did buy her mustache pattern to make a Christmas present one year — they were so much fun to make and well received :D

Many projects in this book are knitted, so I’m going to have to figure them out somehow (I have very limited skills in knitting). But the crochet angler fish is beyond awesome! (The pattern is actually free on Lion Brand Yarn, if you register on the site)

Maybe I’ll start with the barnacles…

Have a wonderful start to the week, everyone! 




there and back again…

We went on a trip to the Bruce Peninsula over the Labour Day long weekend. I would love to show you the hundreds of pictures I took but that might be a bit boring… so I brought back for you highlights of the trip, which deserves a haiku (or three :D)!


Sunny, mossy trails


with mushrooms along the way


and tales of stone caves.


Wise words to ponder


as the creek led us to find


where the water falls.


Water clear as glass


beneath it, the past stood still

as the river flows.





I like writing haiku’s, even though I’m not very good at it. It’s like people breaking into songs when they’re excited. I break into haiku’s!

And I really wanted to bring back for you the sound of the creek, which we followed to find Indian Falls. Felt like I could sit on a rock in the middle of the creek and listened to it for hours and not be tired of it. 

If you mouse over the photos and click on the hyperlinked words you can read more about the places where the photos were taken.

It was overall a really cool trip! I didn’t expect to hike the Bruce Trail (I’m not a very active person), but I ended up doing a bit of that while getting to the caves. 

I would love to visit again, maybe in a year or so, because we didn’t have time to visit the Grotto and the Flowerpot Island, which has a small museum, light station, and more caves!

Have a great weekend, everyone! :D





this week’s awesome finds

Back from a long weekend vacation! Lots of awesome finds to post :D


Printable templates for bird pockets on Country Living.


Egg carton lights! Post is in Norwegian, so I’m not quite sure how it’s made… but it’s pretty! :D


A fine twine belt, from Say Yes to Hoboken.


Mad Hatter’s tea party! Adorable. From Disney.


These would make gorgeous brooches! Patterns for sale at CAROcreated Esty shop.


A very nicely done crocheted llama! Pattern on crochet_goods.


Too awesome for words. How to make a cloud at The Farm Chicks.


Sweet potholders! I especially love the cherry (or grapes?) fabric underneath the pie crust weaving. From Art Threads.


Great reason to eat pistachios. From Addicted 2 Decorating.


Simple dress to make! Not a fan of long dress myself, but instruction is clear and can be easily adapted to knee-length :D From C&C


Wonderful narwhal! From the wonderful Wunderkammer! If you haven’t visited Wunderkammer before, be sure to check out other fascinating crochet projects and patterns on the blog!


Have a great week, everyone!