a bird named joy

I was curious about making sun catchers with white glue and beads, something I saw in one of the blogs I follow. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Here the glue is setting. It took a long time…



I was worried that it was going to stick to the mold, but it came out very easily :D

joy 1


It’s now perching on a small stone vase, it was a birthday gift I received last year. It’s made from a glazier stone from Nova Scotia, one of my favourite places on earth!

joy 2


Watching it sitting on the vase reminds me of a story that a very wise woman shared with me this week, The Mountain that Loved a Bird by Alice McLerran (and so wonderfully illustrated by Eric Carle!).

In the story are a barren mountain and a bird named Joy. It’s a beautiful story about sorrow, and how courage, love and hope can emerge from it. A synopsis of the book can be read here. But the book is written in such a profoundly moving way, if you can get a hold of a copy I really wish you can read it (if you haven’t read it already). 

Take care, everybody!


p.s. the letting go series is proving to be a bit difficult to keep up because of an extremely busy couple of weeks, and because it’s getting harder to find things to recycle or throw out when Mike is doing the same… so I’ve decided to give it a rest for a while, maybe I’ll come back to it in a bit, but I will certainly make time to create when I can, and I will most certainly keep you posted when I do :D




a very full heart

vday 1

Actually managed to squeeze in a wee valentine’s day craft Wednesday night — a knitted heart from pattern by Mochimochi Land! :D

I enjoyed the pattern very much because it’s knitted flat (I’m not very good at knitting in the round). And I attached a pin on the back so I can wear it proudly, this heart that is very plump and full of gratitude and love for the wonderful, most amazing and supportive man I’m married to.


vday 2


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



this week’s awesome finds

Just in time for valentines! :D

 Cannot get over how cute this hedgehog is! Knitting pattern from The Purl Bee.


 Maybe a bit too late to mail this, but still makes a really cool gift! For birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays too! From Oh Happy Day.


 An idea to use with kids, but I think I would have lots of fun with watercolour too :D From Inner Child Fun.


 These cute hearts! They would make such a nice brooch all year long! From Mochimochi Land.


Wishing you a very sweet weekend!

Lots of love,





Looking forward to spring and cherry blossoms! A cozy circle scarf pattern for Lunar new year! :D You know, in Chinese Lunar New Year is also called 春節, which literally translates into “spring festival” in English.

I’ve been seeing this combination of stitches (single crochet, chain one) in different projects around the web, have also used it in my bucket hat pattern for a basket weave kind of texture. Recently I was making a circle scarf for a friend and figured that when arranging rows of colours in certain ways it actually looks kind of like plaid. 



It’s made with a larger hook so it’s quite soft. 

I used:

Three skeins of worsted weight yarn in grey, pink and white, approx. 100g per skein (only used half a skein for each colour)

9mm hook 

5mm hook (to weave in ends)

Two hours — a very quick project

Circle scarf:

With grey and larger hook, ch 130 (you can ch more or less to adjust the length. Mine wraps around my neck twice snugly. Just make sure that there is an even number of stitches).

Being careful not to twist, sl st in first ch to form a circle.

Row 1: ch 2 (counts as sc, ch 1), *skip next ch, sc in next ch, ch 1* repeat from * to * to end, sl st in first ch of row while changing colour to pink. Here’s how I usually change colours at the end of row. When doing the yarn-over to make the sl st at the end of row, yarn-over the new colour (in this case, pink) instead of the working yarn (in this case, grey), like so…


Tie the short end of pink to the working yarn (grey) to secure it. 

Row 2: with pink, TURN (be sure to turn the work at the beginning of each row, otherwise the pattern will look slanted). sc in first ch 1 sp, ch 1, *sc in next ch 1 sp, ch 1* repeat from * to * to end, sl st in first sc of row while changing yarn to white.

Row 3: with white, TURN, carry up the other two colours of yarn and wrap them in the first sc in first ch 1 sp, repeat row 2.

With subsequent colour change, yarn-over with the new colour as you make the sl st at the end of the row, TURN, then carry up the other two colours and wrap them in the first stitch you make with the new colour in the start of the row. Let go of the other two colours as you go around the scarf.

Repeat Row 3 with the following colour sequence:
















With smaller hook, weave in ends.


Keep warm until spring arrives! 



letting go week 5: pile of clothing

feb4 pile of clothes


A pile of clothing, which looks a bit like landscape in picture.

It includes two jumpers that I crocheted but didn’t wear much, but makes some interesting patterns in the picture. Also in the picture are a t‑shirt, a crocheted bolero, and a jean skirt I made from a pair of jeans.

And this week we are saying goodbye to Larry on Mike’s parallel blogiverse

You might also notice that the header image has changed! :D I post about many different kinds of crafts on this blog but I thought the friendly mushroom really represents what I like and what I like to make the most. And it’s all spring-like and cheerful!

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!




giraffe winner!

A gigantic thank-you to everyone who entered my second giveaway! I’m super excited to announce the winner…

This time I decided to pick the winner in style by drawing numbers out of a hat.

giraffe draw

And the winner is.….  the 8th commenter in the post!

Congratulations Jeanette!!! :D  I will contact you by email shortly for your mailing addresses. And yes, I do ship internationally. Giraffe the neck warmer is equally excited to have a new home!! 


Thank you to everyone for your support…

have a fantastic week and a very Happy Groundhog day!

this week’s awesome finds


 Infinity scarf made with fat quarters. I especially love the hand stitching on it. From Sew Homegrown.


 I don’t have pets, but this looks really pretty. And I bet it smells nice. Plus I’ve seen witch hazel in the drug store but never know what it’s used for. Homemade flea repellent for furry friends, from MAKE.


 Whoa! A totoro bed! Spotted on Cut Out and Keep.


 A six-month pinhole exposure with a beer can! Magical. Maybe one day I’ll give pinhole photography a try too. Story on The Photographer.


 A very sweet creature to make for Valentine’s Day. Plush kiss generously shared for free by Heather Jarmusz  on Ravelry

If you’re looking for more sweet things to give to loved ones check out Heidi Kenney’s awesome valentine printable!

Also, it’s just occurred to me that tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, and my groundhog pattern is featured on the Lion Brand Yarn blog! :D The one created for the Lion Brand blog post looks much bigger, made with a thicker chenille yarn… I wish I can see the shape of it more clearly without the dog chewing on it, but I’m thankful to be mentioned :D

And last but not least, there are still a few more hours left to enter the Giraffe neckwarmer giveaway before it closes tonight at midnight!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!