quick knits with stolen time

A few things with school and work got cancelled, so the first two weeks of the semester weren’t as busy as I thought, and I suddenly have time on my hands for a few quick knitting projects :D

Mike requested these to wear in his chilly office.

hobbit mitt 2I used this pattern. Knitted flat and seamed together.

hobbit mitt 1

And then I made myself this hat, knitted sideways in garter stitch. 

sideways hat

Was being really woolly that day, wearing a woolly hat and a woolly sweater.

I followed this pattern. It was fun to learn short rows! I decreased the number of stitches because I used a much thicker yarn (super bulky) and much larger needles (10 mm) than called for, and I didn’t do the knit TBL for the top and the brim.

Well, whatever got cancelled mostly got pushed to this week, so things will get busier, but hopefully I will still be able to sit down and knit for a while in the evening.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!




moss & ferns

moss and ferns

 This was the knitting project I mentioned a couple of posts ago :D It’s a Lion Brand pattern. The lace pattern was a bit confusing at first and I had to take it apart a couple of times. Thankfully no stitches were lost (I think), and after 2 weeks of knitting I pretty much got the pattern memorized so it got a lot easier after that. Just two rectangles with a bit of neck shaping. The collar turned out a bit smaller than I thought, so I just crocheted 1 round of single crochet to finish it off rather than doing the 3 rounds of k1 p1 ribbing as instructed. A bit big on me all around but I like that it’s long.

I really like the texture of the moss stitch. I think I’m going to try to make up a sweater pattern with moss stitch, bulky yarn and 10 mm needles. We’ll see.

Have a happy Wednesday!


trip to the aquarium

photo 1

For months I have been staring at this poster while waiting for the train. 

And finally, we were there! :D


Hello, friendly-looking turtle!

Yes, this is the new aquarium in Toronto. I love sea creatures. I’m not sure what I think about aquariums, zoos, and animals in captivity. But I’m happy to be able to see the sea creatures that I would never be able to see in person otherwise, and I hope that they’re being well taken care of.

This reminds me of the kodama (forest spirits) in Princess Mononoke.


 Fashionable rays sporting polka dots.


And glittery piranhas. IMG_1492

Sea dragon dance.


 Sharks swimming overhead!


And the reef exhibit reminds me of the crystal palace in Journey to the West (popular Chinese story about a monkey king) where the dragon king lives. It is so very magical.

crystal palace

The part I was most looking forward to was the jelly fish tank. It was hard to take good pictures of, but so mesmerizing…



Wishing you a great start to the week! 






New year, new school supply! :D

I bring a travel mug to school to take advantage of the kettle in the student lounge. Green tea does help to increase concentration in lectures.

I used the pattern from Little Things Blogged for the fox fingerless mitts. Started with the same number of stitches in the foundation chain, but added a few stitches around in the second last round to accommodate the shape of the mug. Instead of a brown fox, I thought I’d make a grey one, like Kristofferson in Fantastic Mr. Fox (I love that movie :D).

Cheers to the new year!