coral update :D


Soon it’s going to be bigger than what my one hand can hold.

Was crocheting another bubble coral last night while listening to the wind beating on the windows. I hope everyone has emerged out of the dark clouds and heavy rain of the hurricane safely.

mini shop update and many thanks! :D

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support for the craft-along party! I’m so excited :D Will post more details in the first week of November — stay tuned! :D

Had an idea for making button earrings. I have a mixed bag of vintage buttons, many of them make interesting earrings (I think) but there was only one of each. So I made a pile of single studs for the shop. I often wear different earrings on each ear, so I hope there will be people who like them as much as I do. But I also wouldn’t be too upset if I get to keep all of them. Especially the sweet orange rose. I was so tempted to keep it for myself.


And I made pairs of button earrings. Very simple.


Have a great start to the week, everyone! :D



sky sweater update, and an idea :D

First, a few interesting sky photos from the past few weeks :D

Definitely a grey stripe that day.


Caught the rainbow right when I was coming out of class that day. It was just fading. And quite a few people were taking photos of it with their phones with a smile on their faces. Joy was in the atmosphere.


Brilliant sunset with a crosshatching pattern.


And an update photo for the sky sweater taken a few days ago. I divided the front and back with the neck opening, so it’s over half way done :D


And now, an idea, inspired by all of you :D

After I wrote the weave party post and read all the encouraging comments I realized how fun it would be if we have a crafting party. It reminded me of a make-along I participated in two years ago and the year before, hosted by the awesome Leethal.

In the make-along’s everyone who participated made something (crafts, cooking, gardening, etc.) within the same 24-hour period, during which people also posted their progress on Twitter and a Facebook page. Afterwards people shared what they’ve made either on their blogs, linked on Leethal’s blog, or in a Flickr pool. 

So I thought, why don’t we have a craft-along party? :D

I don’t use Twitter and setting up another Facebook account or Flickr pool seems like a bit too much to handle, but crafting together can be very simple.

My idea is just to set a 24-hour period in which we all make something — maybe a craft that we’ve been wanting to try for a while, maybe starting on some Christmas gifts, maybe crafting something for ourselves, maybe continuing on a project that has been hibernating, maybe just setting aside an hour to be spontaneous and make something unplanned and free-formed, maybe baking a cake for the sake of baking a cake, maybe writing a poem/haiku/song… just spending some time with our creativity :D

And then, within a week, if people can send me a photo or any documentation of what’s been made and, if people wish, a description/statement about it, I can post them right here on the good ol’ blog and it can be a like mini gallery exhibition! :D

(I might even be able to ask Mike to help me install a fancy widget for the gallery viewing!) 

Maybe sometimes in the second week of November… (that’s just because I have midterms until then :S)

What do you think about this idea? Would you be interested in joining the craft-along party?


Have a happy weekend!






growing corals

Ever since I bought this book on knitting and crocheting seashells, fish and corals I studied it almost every night. It’s on my bedside table. Like bedtime reading.

So finally I started making the bullion corals. It was a great way to practice the bullion stitch, which I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time but is very tricky, like everyone says on the interwebs. 

I was maybe going to make a brooch with it, but then it looked kind of oddly shaped and didn’t quite look like corals. So I thought I’d try adding a few of other kinds of corals in the book…


When I looked at it I thought, this could use a bit of yellow. And it was getting too big to be a brooch anyway. So maybe I’ll just keep adding to it, and maybe it will turn into a miniature coral reef! :D

So almost every night I study the book to pick a coral that I want to make. I don’t always have time to add something to it every night, but I still like to read the patterns. It’s a bit dorky, or even strange. But then Mike just told me that when he was a teenager he read the entire Photoshop manual cover to cover. And he still likes to read software manuals. I guess that’s why we get along :D

I wish I can make the knitted ones. That will take some practicing. For now I will go through all of the crochet patterns first.

About a week later I added the brain corals (yellow) and some bubble corals (pale green).


I’m also adding patches of the aqua-colour “seabed” as I make more corals. I love how free-formed this project is.

Will keep posting photos as it grows! :D


Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone! 




weave party


It would be so much fun to organize a weaving party! :D

A comment from a blog visitor, Kate, has motivated me to just pick up some yarn and start weaving. Thanks, Kate! :D

I found a paper plate and cut notches all around it, about 1″ apart, and then taped lengths of cotton string across, like so…

Here’s the back of this make-shift loom…

Then I just tied a length of yarn to one of the strings in the middle and started weaving between the strings, over and under, over and under, over and under… Until I ran out of the colour of yarn I was using, then I tied a different colour of yarn to the yarn tail, and continued weaving…

When I’ve gotten a big enough circle (I decided that I wanted to make a coaster half way through), I cut the strings near where they’re taped to the plate, one at a time, and tied each loose end to the last round of weaved yarn.

I hid all the loose ends and yarn tails under a piece of felt, which I cut to the size of the finished weaving and sewed onto the weaving around the edge.

And this is the front!

A fun party coaster :D


Did it all while watching TV. Very relaxing. I think it would so much fun to organize a weaving party, where everyone can weave and chat.

Have a great evening, everyone!




fun at harbourfront!

Hey that sort of rhymes :D


It was Thanksgiving day and a day full of kids’ craft activities at the Harbourfront

I think I’m really going to give the weaving a try in the near future. It was in my new year yarncrafting resolution but I never got around to it. I think it would make a great sky project! :D

We actually didn’t know that there was so much fun stuff going on, we went mainly to see the floating chopstick noodle bowl my friend Jenn and I made in the summer for Wise Daughters’ community yarnbombing project :D! It was exhibited at the Junction Design Crawl and moved to Harbourfront for the weekend :D  

We also learned to make pompoms under the pompom tree (Learned how to use the donut-shaped template! Magical how it works!).


We didn’t make paper quilts, but I thought it looked so beautiful swaying in the wind.


Then there was the Lego mosaic project. In conjunction to that there was an exhibition about cross stitch and cross stitch-inspired Lego art.

Here’s the cross stitch.


Here’s the cross stitch-inspired Lego art :D


Mike’s Lego mosaic masterpieces.


Then my friend inspired us to try something new — canoeing! (okay, it was only new to me, Mike’s learned to canoe before and I think my friend has too) Despite the canoeing site being a 3‑feet deep man-made pond, it was a pretty big deal for me because I’ve never canoed before. 

I even managed to snap a photo without dropping my phone into the water :D


After that I felt so good about myself I thought I could start dragonboating!

(Maybe… sometimes in the future.)


Have a great start to the week, everyone! 




sky sweater update!


The sky sweater should probably be more precisely called the morning-sky-from-the-west-facing-windows-sweater. Because that’s the time of the day and area of sky that I base my colour of the day on. 

As you can see, recently there’s been quite a long stretch of overcast white/grey days, with a day of sunny break in between. That was Thanksgiving day, we went to the Harbourfront with a friend and did some canoeing (just in a man-made pond) and other fun stuff! (pictures to come)

The sky project is a pretty cool record of history that way.

Structurally I think I made it a bit too wide :S But I think it will fall nicely over the shoulders once it’s all done (it’s kind of like a square top).

Have a great day, everyone! 




shop update — the shrink plastic edition!

Shrink plastic is so much fun. I had long been thinking about making some stuff with it for my shop. Finally got around to it :D

I like drawing circles connected to one another. This particular shape reminds me of the abalone shells my grandparents gave me when I visited them in Hong Kong.


More necklaces. The one on the far left was a bit of an experiment of plastic fusing. According to the list of “Mind-shrinking Ideas” (that’s what it says on the package of shrink plastic I have), I can fuse layers of shrunk plastic together under higher temperature in the oven. The round shapes are actually circles from the hole punch. 

The middle one is a firefly that glows in the dark! :D And I’ve always been fascinated by seahorses.


More glow in the dark fireflies, asterisks, and abalones.


Had fun coming up with things to draw for the stud earrings :D Actually, as I’m looking at this picture I realize that all of these are my favourite things… let’s hope the shop visitors like them as much as I do. And the starfish glows in the dark too!

Alright, enough of this talk about glowing in the dark — wanna see them in action? :D

That’s the best my point-and-shoot camera can do for capturing images in the dark, but they really do glow! I was quite impressed. 

(I found out that the emission of light by a living organism is called bioluminescence — isn’t that such a cool word?)

Anyway. And then I thought it would be cool to make a plastic feather. Kind of like those leather feather earrings that I’ve seen a lot on craft blogs. But they turned out so much more beautiful than I thought because of the way the plastic twists and turns as it shrinks in the oven…

So I did what most craft sellers often do.

I kept it. For myself. 


The single earring goes with my haircut :D


But of course I made another set for the shop. Even added a glittery button stud earring to make a funky asymmetrical set! :D


I’m hoping that this will keep the shop full for a month or two before another school break. But I’ve got to say that I really, really, really enjoy the opportunity to make my favourite things without having to keep (and find place in the apartment for) all of it. And making a bit of money is always a bonus.


Have an awesome evening! :D



this week’s awesome finds

Intriguing spirograph necklaces by Vlijtig.


This was sent to me by a blog visitor! :D Thank you so much for sharing this — it’s the loveliest yarn-bombing project ever!


Lovely way to enliven embroidery with watercolour, from Wild Olive.


Ingenious hot glue glitter snowflake ornament, spotted on Under the Table and Dreaming.


Most hipster bib ever! Sewing instruction for bandana bib from The Purl Bee.


Guess what this pattern is made from? Toilet paper rolls! Or, as Neil would call it (which is also my preferred way of calling it), loo rolls! :D Simply awesome, from Lime Riot.


Log slice table, all you need is a slice of log and an Ikea stool! From Seakettle.


Knit an army of candy corns! :D They look so cuddly. Pattern from The Purl Bee.


I’ve got to say, this beats everything else I’ve seen in terms of the most awesome costume. A fluffy little cloud! XD From Oh Happy Day.


A simple little project that will make toasting sliced bread a party in itself and those sunless early winter mornings so much brighter! :D From Inner Child Fun (we all need to hang out with our inner child every so often).


Did not know that bleach can turn black t‑shirts orange! And another project with freezer paper! Have got to get myself to a Metro soon. From Chaos Served Daily.


Another brilliant idea from Inner Child Fun — a plush donut made with a sock! And sew-free! Maybe some tan socks for a few honey crullers or sour dough…


Wishing you an awesome week filled with creative, colourful, fun things!