winding down

Had a very busy couple of weeks as I was preparing to go on holidays for several weeks. And finally, all the emails that could be sent are sent, vacation messages are set on voicemail and email, I’m finally feeling like I’m winding down.

And time to wind up more balls of yarn! :D

Photo 2016-03-17, 10 03 36 AM

We’re taking a fairly long plane ride, during which I will surely be able to finish a project :D I decided to make this pineapple lace top, which has been on my to-make list for a while now. It’s a small enough project that doesn’t require bringing a lot of yarn. The goal is to travel light!


The other weekend I went to Romni Wools and found enough of this mustard colour Mirasol Illaris yarn in the discounted section in the basement :D I don’t have a ball-winder or a swift, but back of the chairs would do for now.

And I double-check on the TSA site that I can bring crochet hooks on the plane. Not sure about scissors. The TSA site says anything shorter than 4″ should be fine, but maybe I’ll just bring a nail clipper. We’ll need a nail clipper anyway.

Hoping I will be able to wear the finished top on the trip! :D Will keep you posted!

Wishing you a blessed Easter long weekend, friends!


this week’s awesome finds

Love perler beads, and the removable ribbon bows — different colours for different season! From Frk Hansen.

A backdrop that doesn’t seem to take a ton of work to set up but adds a ton of sprinkles fun :D From Let’s Mingle.

A super handy crochet hook roll. From Bugs and Fishes.

Sewrella has a series of free bakeshop granny square patterns. The donut one is my favourite. Check out the rest on Ravelry!

An adorable bird, cleverly made of yarn. From the Craftaholic Witch.

This is brilliant! :D Lemon stress ball by Twinkie Chan.

Also by Twinkie Chan — this awesome pizza garland!

Don’t crochet? Here’s a printable pizza garland from Kittenhood :D

Its cape is too adorable. Super chick made from egg cartons, from Michele Made Me.

Have a good weekend, everyone! :D

close encounter with tumbled rocks

More photos with the macro lens band.

I’ve always found agates fascinating. Especially those translucent or partly transparent stones with different layers and bits of different materials in them — like a world within itself.

I inherited a bag of tumbled/polished rocks that Mike’s grandfather had collected. They’re mostly small stones or stone chips that are about the size of my fingernail. So I thought it would be fun to try taking some macro pictures of them, to try and capture the intricate layers and inclusions and colour variations within each stone.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 24 32 PM

Here’s one with my finger in the picture for scale.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 22 57 PM

I think these are amethysts.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 27 00 PM

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 29 44 PM

And this might be a moss agate? Looks like seaweed in the ocean.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 31 14 PM

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 28 48 PM

Aren’t these beautiful? I hope to make them into pendants one day.

On a separate note, have you seem the comics by Sarah Andersen? They’re the BEST!! Probably because I identify so much with the main character. But check it out on Instagram and other places if you haven’t read them!

So I recently bought her new book, Adulthood is a Myth, which is so wonderfully hilarious and cute and I’ve read it cover to cover 3 times already. And look, it’s got a fuzzy sweater on the cover!

Photo 2016-03-06, 10 08 07 AM


Wishing everyone a great start to the week!


nova scotia

Photo 2016-03-05, 4 29 42 PM

Recently bought a new crochet book, Learn to Crochet Love to Crochet. I loved the simple style of the patterns so much I just had to buy it. In the book there is this lovely fan lace cardigan that I especially wanted to make. It seems to go well with everything, and of course one can never have too many cardigans. Especially cardigans with pockets. So handy. Yup. Must make the cardigan.

But I felt bad about buying more yarn when I’ve already got so much of it. Particularly, I have been wanting to use the skein of wool I bought from Lismore Sheep Farm when we were in Halifax. It’s a really lovely dark green mixed with specks of grey and red. I also have a skein of Cascade Eco Wool in green/teal that’s been sitting on the shelf for months waiting to be made into something. Problem is, I’ve only got 200 yards of the Lismore wool and about 450 yards of the Cascade wool. Neither is enough to make the fan lace cardigan.

So I thought I’d use both :D

Photo 2016-03-05, 4 28 44 PM

The colours ended up going quite well together, I thought. They remind me of algae and the sea. I did have to make the cardigan a bit shorter because even with both skeins combined I didn’t have enough yarn (good thing I’m short). I used every last bit of the Lismore yarn. I was able to add a row of single crochet to the bottom edge of the cardigan, sleeve cuffs and top edge of the pockets, with enough left for sewing. Also modified the front trims a bit (3 rows of sc), so they’re narrower than what the pattern instructed.

For the buttons, I found enough buttons of the same size in my collection that also remind me of the seaside. It’s hard to show you with my phone photos, but one reminds me of the full moon, one is iridescent like the inside of an oyster shell, others are colours of driftwood and seashells.

Photo 2016-03-04, 1 43 41 PM

I don’t have enough space in our apartment to block the cardigan, so I gently pressed it with an iron under a wet towel to open up and straighten the lace pattern a bit.

I think it turned out quite well! I’m glad I used the yarn for this project, to commemorate the trip we took to the faraway province that I so love and will be sure to visit again one day.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! :D


this week’s awesome finds


Oh my goodness this giant pom pom rabbit!!! *squeal* the cottontail! The pink nose and whiskers! *squeal* Tutorial on ikatbag. (make a fluffle!!)

A shawlette, by the same designer who created the pattern I used to make those trivets! I like cowls better than scarves but have really come to admire the drape and shape of triangular shawlettes. Free pattern from Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World.

A nice spring/summer make by Drops Design and looking forward to warmer weather…

A cozy, simple, perfectly squishy, cloud-like cowl. From Espace Tricot.

Bobble sheep! Especially love that bubble gum pink :D Free Ravelry download by Just Add Crochet.

And a bigger, more hug-able version of the bobble sheep :) Knitted pillow pattern by Purl Soho.

All made of yarn this week! :D Happy crafting!

macro fun

Photo 2016-02-25, 9 02 26 PM

There was an awesome sale at Photojojo after the holidays, so I bought this handy macro band for my phone! I’ve had it for a while, but just started taking pictures with it this week.

I bought a couple of pairs of lovely lucite earrings from Leeti Lovendale on Etsy. The earrings in the picture above are 5mm across. (there also appears to be a hair on my lens :S) (also, check out the shop! The lucite pieces used in their jewelry-making have an interesting story :D)

We’ve got a bit of a snow storm here a couple of days ago, and our windows were all frosted in the morning.

Photo 2016-03-02, 7 23 56 AM

Photo 2016-03-02, 7 24 15 AM

Photo 2016-03-02, 7 24 46 AM

I’m quite impressed with this simple (and somewhat silly-looking) macro lens. Stay tuned for more macro pictures to come :D

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!