A brief shop announcement

I’m travelling to the land of Dim Sum and Chinese Greens! :D

Since I won’t be able to fill and ship orders while I’m away, and I really need to spend the next few days packing and organizing things before we leave on a jet plane, I have to temporarily close my shop starting today. I felt a bit sad doing it, but I imagine visiting a different country and seeing new sceneries will inspire new ideas for the shop when I get back :D

The shop will reopen on Monday, Nov.29. My listings won’t be visible on my Etsy page while the shop is closed, but you can check out some of the tiny plushes I have listed so far here, if you’d like.

Thank you for visiting!



(last) weekend adventures!

We had an action-packed weekend last week, but our internet was broken earlier this week so I didn’t post them until now.


Adventure #1: used-bookstore-hopping with a librarian friend :D (This didn’t exactly happen on the weekend but it was an adventure, so I thought the picture belonged here.) Took this picture with Zumi at a patio, which was just down the street from my very first apartment in Toronto.


Adventure #2: making a marshmallow-covered cake. I burnt the marshmallow in my first attempt, but fortunately the cake was still good, so we replaced the burnt marshmallows with fresh ones and it was perfect! I was rather proud of the golden toasty colour.

Adventure #3: to the Distillery! I love going to the distillery and walking on the streets paved with red bricks and taking pictures of old windows. And plus we were going there to have our annual birthday dinner with some of my favourite people :D so it was an extra exciting adventure!

It was really foggy that day. This building was behind us while we were waiting for the street car.

And we’re here! Greeted by an awesome creature. There’s just something sad and lonely about him. He promised he won’t bite.


Zumi isn’t very skilled at taking night photos, so I switched back to my trusty pink camera after dark. It was still really foggy. I really like the warm orange glow of the windows.

And the trees wrapped in lights like gatherings of fireflies.

So, adventure #2 was supposed to be a birthday present for our friend Dan, who gave me a basket-full of (plush) vegetables for my birthday :D :D :D I’ve been looking for them for so long but they were out of stock at Ikea! Thank you, Dan! We could pretend we’re living in one of those old fashion farming societies where we trade cake for vegetables! :D

This week we’re going to continue to pack, and I’m going to make some “unique tags” for “easy identification” of our luggage (as suggested on the airline website). I also realized that we don’t have any proper luggage tags so I’m going to make some of those as well.

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :D

A last-minute shop update

Made a few more things for the shop, but they will only be around for a couple of days before I close the shop for 3 weeks on Sunday! (I’ll be travelling to Hong Kong) Since the shop will be closed for most of November, I made these with “holiday cheers” in mind, in case anyone wants to make early orders for Christmas…

Meet Snow Mushroom! :D

So, when I make something there’s often a story running in the back of my head. It’s totally imaginary, but the Snow Mushrooms are called the Snow Mushrooms because they’re supposed to be woodland creatures that appear on snow days to spread holiday cheers with their sparkly caps. Yes. Snow mushrooms also like to hang out in a group of 3…

Along with a delightful s’more, with rosy cheeks! :D S’more doesn’t really have a story to tell. He thinks just being cute is enough. Period.

Feel free to visit them at the shop before they temporarily retire on Sunday October 31! But don’t worry, they’ll be back on Monday November 29.


It’s not just for the witch costume, kids.

Broomstick! For making broomstick lace! :D

I’ve been intrigued by broomstick lace for a long time and yesterday I finally got around to trying it. I went online to search for videos and instructions but then realized that my copy of Crochet Stitch Bible actually has instructions for it.

So… here’s my very first piece of broomstick lace. A 16mm crochet hook was acting as the broomstick and I used a DK weight yarn with a 3mm hook. It’s a bit wonky, but I finally understood how it works and it’s actually quite straightforward after a few rows.

With a bit more practice on making it more straight I made this cuff with the same “broomstick” and a worsted weight yarn and 4mm hook.


I just made it long enough to wrap around my wrist and then crocheted the short ends together. I really like the colour of that yarn.

There are some broomstick lace videos on Stitch Diva Studios and they’re quite clear and easy to follow. I’ve also found the written instruction on Crochet Cabana helpful. The idea of the cuff came from the tutorial on Kootoyoo.

It makes me happy to learn new things :D

By the way, our internet is fixed! :D Though it’s kind of slow… I have a lot of pictures from the weekend that I want to post but am feeling weary that it’s going to either take a long time or crash the internet altogether… (not sure if that’s even possible. I’m not at all techy and sometimes I feel paranoid about techy things) so the pictures will have to wait until I’m sure that we have stable connection.

Have a happy Wednesday! :D

Comical neck warmer

So, the internet at our building is broken, so here I am at the local library enjoying free internet. Another reason to love the library :D

I’ve had a rather action-packed weekend, and one of the highlights was visiting the new Michaels craft store just 3 subway stops away from my house! :D And because they were having a grand-opening sale, I thought it would be a great opportunity to buy a 16mm crochet hook — for $3!

Aside from it being on sale, I also thought it would be good to buy it because I want to try making the felted bucket hat from my last post. And also learn to make broomstick lace, which requires the use of , well, a broomstick. But people also use large knitting needles. And I thought a large crochet hook would suffice.

I excitedly showed my friend who was visiting us for the weekend and her comment was, “it actually looks rather comical!” (or something along that line.)

Last night I tried crocheting with it. It takes a bit of getting use to, wielding such a thick crochet hook. I tried crocheting with 6 strands of yarn together.

And it eventually turned into a neck warmer.

I’m rather pleased with it :D

It took about half an hour to make and didn’t use a lot of yarn. If one has a 16mm crochet hook and wants to try making this, here’s what I did:


5–6 different balls of yarn. I used 2 balls of chunky, 3 balls of worsted, and 1 ball of DK.

A 16mm crochet hook.

A large button.

A tapestry needle.

Row 1: I made a chain with all 6 strands of yarn held together until the chain is long enough to wrap around my neck loosely, then I made 4 more chains.

Row 2: In back loop only, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, ch 1, turn.

Row 3–4: In back loop only, sc in each st across. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Sew on button on one end. The gaps between stitches act as button holes, so one can adjust how much the two ends overlap.

It would be interesting to see it made wider and with different colour and texture combination too!

Well, I hope the internet at home gets fixed soon. Or the library will be seeing a lot of me this week…

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D




favourite things of the week!

Tis the season for candy corn! I was pointed to a tutorial for making candy corn trick-or-treat bags on The Purl Bee — they’re so cute! They would make great party hats as well, I think!

While browsing on The Purl Bee, also saw these sweet felted bucket hats! I love the purple one. I would really like to try making these, as I’ve never tried felting in the washing machine before, but I don’t have a 16mm crochet hook. So I was really happy to see that there is also a non-felted crochet version of the bucket hat! Maybe I’ll make that for now until I get a 16mm crochet hook…

More sweet treats! Recipe for a GIANT s’more cake on The Birthday Blog! (I also think that a blog that is all about birthdays and birthday parties has got to be one of the most awesome blogs ever.)

Spotted this via the Craftzine blog, featuring a frosted cake between a giant piece of solid chocolate and two homemade graham cracker. I’ll be such a happy camper if I ever get such a cake for my birthday!

Equally awesome but perhaps not as sweet… a crocheted owl pellet!

Found on Futuristicky via the Craftzine. I never knew what owl pellets were until last year, when I saw some real owl pellets on posters created by grade 4 students. It’s quite fascinating what can be found in these, um, regurgitated bundles of undigested food. And the crocheted owl pellet even comes with pieces of crocheted bones!

And finally, a video! While browsing on Amazon trying to find a book to read on the upcoming 17-hour plane ride, I saw this!

A Kirby’s game, all in YARN!! :D

I don’t play much video games except Tetris (and I’m really rather good at it, if I do say so myself). But I’m rather excited that there’s a game based on yarn. I probably won’t spend $50 to buy it, but I will likely rent it just to see what it’s like!

Maybe one day they’ll make Tetris in yarn too.

Have a great weekend everyone! :D




Just hanging. Neither here nor there. I don’t know what to call this. An apt description of how I’m feeling lately.

On the technical side, I’m quite happy with how the “engraving” turned out. It even interacted with the pigment and created a feathering effect.

weekend crafting

This weekend was a busy one! We did some long-overdue cleaning and organizing of the apartment, and I finally cleaned up my “craft corner” (i.e. one third of the couch and coffee table) after a frenzy of crafting last week in preparation for the opening of the shop. And what do I choose to do after all that cleaning and organizing? More crafting, of course! :D

I was thinking today that it’s almost mitten season, but not quite. So some fingerless mitts would be perfect, for fall and also for taking outdoor pictures in winter! (I can surely remember how painfully cold my hands were after an hour of picture-taking at the Santa Claus parade last year.)

I saw this grey owl sweater on needled quite a while ago and really loved it. So I bought the pattern, hoping that one day I will overcome my fear of circular needles and knitting cables and actually be able to make this. Meanwhile, I found this owl fingerless mitts pattern on Ravelry — and it’s a free download! (Though one needs to sign up to access it) They’re really quick to make and I got both mitts finished with eyes sewn and everything within 3 hours (I think looking for the perfect, iridescent buttons for eyes took the longest).

I’m really rather happy with them :D Perhaps I’ll bring them along when I go out tomorrow!

Well, I better go put away the scrap yarn and crochet hooks on the coffee table before my “craft corner” starts to spread like weed again…

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :D

Announcing… genuine mudpie, the Etsy shop! :D


I usually don’t write 2 posts in one day but this is exciting — I finally set up my very own Etsy shop!!! :D :D :D

I have been wanting to set up a shop since I first saw it in 2006! My friends have also been urging me whenever they request Christmas orders of crocheted magnets and pins (and by “they,” I mean Kitty. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without your long-time support and encouragement, friend!).

And so that’s why I changed the header! Just wanted it to reflect more of what I do and so it would match the shop banner. I really do like watercolour but I think I like crocheting plushes more :P

Setting up the shop actually took much longer than I thought — lots to think about in terms of policies and shipping and stuff. I’m kind of nervous about it… will test it out to see how it goes!

So! I put up some Monstermallow pins. The one above is one of them. I was so tempted to keep one for myself… but I guess I’ll just make another one later, so the shop is well-stocked!

And here are the other plushes in the shop! They’re ideas that I’ve been waiting to test out, like the All-Day Dim Sum.

I thought I must make the most popular item from my previous designs (and by most popular I mean my friend Kitty’s ordered it two years in a row) — the bok choy! For the shop I’ve made it into a set with another leafy Chinese vegetable, the choy sum.


Mike is again a great help in setting up the shop. He set up the photo-shoot and took all the awesome-looking photos with his super camera!

I hope you’ll pay the shop a visit! :D

favourite things of the week!

Part of the reason I like fall and winter better than summer is probably because I can make warm woolly things in cold weather. Like these Yeti baby slippers I saw on Craftzine the other day!

They’re made from patterns on Needyl. There’s also a crochet version! :D Any kid out there who would like a pair of Yeti slippers? I used to have a pair of Yeti slippers. I wore them out and they had to be tossed away :( So, if I can find a way to make them large enough for my feet that would be really awesome…

Another reason that I love fall so much is the leaves! The leaves! The colours are just heart-melting. And this lantern idea from Resurrection Fern is just brilliant.

With just clear packing tape and a few jars! Time to go on a walk for leaves… and pine cones!  I love pendants. I love making them and wearing them. And I love this pine cone pendant from Storybook Woods.

I especially love the fact that the pine cones are glued to a large button strung on a piece of embroidery floss!

Hope you’re enjoying the leaves and pine cones too! :D