Favourite things of the week!

This week’s favourite things share a nautical theme… perhaps the weather is just getting too warm for my liking and I’m thinking about cool breezes by the sea…

Check out this brilliant sea glass jello recipe by Recipe Girl! The white part is made of condensed milk and I looove condensed milk. I remember going to cafes with my aunts and uncles in Hong Kong when I was a kid, and I would order toast with butter and condensed milk. I’m sooo trying this out as soon as I can! Jello and condensed milk are on my grocery list this week!

Here’s another brilliant sea glass idea from Crazy for Creations! I have a lot of sea glass pieces that are too small to wrap with wire, different colours too! So now I just need to find a way to drill through them…

And now, a very stylish Sailor’s Knot Bracelet from Etsy’s blog! I’m quite drawn to the simplicity of it, and as I’m writing this I’m suddenly reminded of my failed canvas-dyeing experiment, which I haven’t blogged about because I’m kind of disappointed by it and have tossed it aside until more ideas come to rescue it out of its sad, lonely corner — and now, here’s an idea!

Have a happy Friday! Keep cool!

One thought on “Favourite things of the week!

  1. Now they call them Sailor’s Knot bracelets? When I was a teenager (around 1970), they were all the rage in the summer resorts of New England, and were called slave bracelets. You put them on and didn’t take them off at all and they would fit themselves to your wrist.

    Proving once again that, if you wait long enough, everything comes around again! :-)

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