The lake in polaroids

Mike told me about this polaroid maker this morning — it’s the most awesome thing ever! I happened to be going to the waterfront this afternoon, so I took a bunch of pictures to test it out :D so much fun! I love polaroids. The real ones are obviously better, but a real polaroid camera is too expensive to have. So I’m quite happy to settle for the fake one :) It even has sound effects and fingerprints. A bit cheesy in some ways perhaps, not a big fan of fingerprints on every picture myself, but I love the way the photographs turn out — the saturated colours and the softness and the vignetting — so very cool! And the polaroid maker free to download! :D

The picture of daisies wasn’t taken at the lake. I took it over the Canada Day weekend. I just thought the daisies would make a good first test-run! And so here are the pictures at the lake! :D

Walking on the boardwalk!

Geese! They were initially swimming in a V formation until they saw me approaching. Then they sped up to swim toward me. I think they thought I had food. And then they realized that I didn’t. So they swam away.

Duck and duckling!

A pretty purple plant.

A wind giant!

Underwater vegetation!

Bright sunny day!

Now I just have to resist the urge to turn all my other pictures into polaroids…

Have a lovely Thursday!

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