The making of a motivational mini‐wheat

According to our Hoops and Yoyo calendar, September is breakfast month! It is also back‐to‐school / end‐of‐vacation month! So! Mr. Mini‐Wheat is here to help stick motivational messages on the fridge.

It is, as you might be able to tell, inspired by the talking frosted Mini‐Wheats. I’m not a big fan of Mini‐Wheat myself (a bit too fibery for me), but I’m extra fond of these talking Mini‐Wheats because they remind me of the comic strips Mike used to draw.

I made a regular sugary one and a strawberry one :D It would be fun to also make the brown sugar one and the new blueberry muffin flavour.

Here’s what I used:

Heavy duty jute twine (I would like to use a thinner twine, but that was all I could find at the dollar store).

6mm and 5mm hooks.

A small square of white felt, and double layer of a bit of pink fabric cut from a retired t‐shirt (because I didn’t have pink felt).

Sewing thread in black, white, and pink.

Sewing needles.

Two magnets.

And here’s what I did:

Twine is very stiff and knots can become undone easily, leaving a longish tail in the beginning prevents the piece from coming apart. Also, I crocheted rather loosely throughout because the stitches are more tight when doing rows of slip stitches and, on top of that, twine doesn’t stretch.

Leaving a tail about 4″ long, ch 6.

Row 1: ch 1, sl st in each ch across through back loops only, ch 1, turn.

Row 2–4: sl st in each sl st across through back loops only, ch 1, turn.

Row 5: sl st in each sl st across through back loops only. Leaving a tail about 12″ long for sewing, fasten off.

Now I have a rectangle. It will be folded in half and the short sides sewn together.

crochet complete!

Then I cut out small pieces of the white and pink fabric and embroidered faces on them with black thread.

hello, world!

I then sewed the frosting faces onto the crocheted pieces before folding the pieces in half and sewing the side edges together.

fibery wheat…

I actually didn’t quite “sew” the edges together. Because I didn’t have a needle with a big enough eye, I used the smaller crochet hook to thread the tail through the loops down the edges.

I only “sewed” one side together, leaving the top and bottom seams open. I weaved all the loose ends into the top and bottom openings.

And then I attached a magnet on the back. And here they are, on the fridge! (They’re about 1″ tall.)

And a motivational message waiting to be found…

Happy September, everyone!

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