greetings from the village

This is one of the playgrounds inside my elementary school; I’ve played hopscotch there countless times. The school is just outside the village where we used to live. It’s been closed for several years now. They kind of just left it there, empty. I could still see kids’ artwork in the window. It was gated so I could only stick my camera between the metal bars to take pictures. It really reminds me of the show Life After People. I’m quite saddened to see it abandoned like this.

This picture was taken with Zumi. When I first got Zumi in the mail I worried that it might be a waste of money, but now I’m so glad I bought it! I’m totally in love with the pictures it takes — the colours and texture are just amazing, especially scenes in the city.

When I tell people that I used to live in a village in Hong Kong, people often seem kind of confused. Isn’t Hong Kong a city? It surely is. But there are also villages in a few outskirt areas. I’ll share more pictures of my village soon!