alpaca hood

Had a very, very cold past couple of days. Temperature went down to the
‑20°c range, ‑30°c with wind chill. Brrrr.  Earlier last week I was debating whether I should make the Lyra hood. I looked through my stash of yarn and found some colours that would work well together, so I decided to give the project a try, even though I don’t knit very often and when I do, I’m extremely slow.

So these are the kinds of yarn I used. The alpaca was a Christmas present :D and then there’s a ball of off-white roving from one of the boxes of yarn that someone has given to me, and then a cone of fuzzy mystery yarn, also from the same boxes.

I used these 10mm needles that reminded me of enoki mushrooms.

I used smaller needles than the pattern called for so I couldn’t exactly follow it, but it worked out alright :D It was also the first time I tried to do a “3‑needle bind-off”. I made it so it left a raised line of stitches at the back of the hood, which I liked very much.

I was wearing it while travelling over the weekend and was so thankful for the warmth that the alpaca wool brings.

Have a happy Monday!