the joy of quick stitching

It was a short work week but some­how it felt very long and exhaust­ing. So I decid­ed to spend Fri­day night enjoy­ing a new episode of Fringe (yay!) and mak­ing myself a new hat. I think I real­ly like wear­ing hats.

I recent­ly bought scored a retro-look­ing plum-colour down jack­et from Val­ue Vil­lage for $15 (!), and I could pic­ture it going real­ly well with a grey slouch hat. I used this love­ly pat­tern on Wee Robin, main­ly because I was drawn to the flower motif on the back of the hat.

I made it in an evening, and it made me hap­py. That’s the mag­ic of crocheting.

I’m quite pleased with this hat. It does­n’t give me hat hair like my oth­er hats, and still keeps my ears warm.

And today we went out for a walk. It was a wind­less after­noon, with snowflakes falling qui­et­ly around us.

Mike brought along his cam­era, so I was bor­row­ing it for a while. It has a nice macro lens.


Found a bud­ding branch! :D

Spring will be here soon, any day now!

Have a love­ly weekend!