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Sweet­est thing ever. Free stitch­ing pat­tern on Lazy May. (via Feel­ing Stitchy)


I always admire the twig struc­ture that vines grow on in peo­ple’s yards. Here’s how to build one! From Craft Left­overs.


Portable weav­ing, involv­ing just card­board pieces and stash of yarn, both of which I have plen­ty — anoth­er must-try on my list! :D A very detailed and clear tuto­r­i­al on Gin­ger­bread Snowflakes.


I could­n’t help but grin when I saw these. So delight­ful­ly sim­ple. Loo roll crit­ters from El hada de papel.


I love how the hinge is made of rolled up paper too! Makes a very sculp­tur­al home decor. Paper bowl tuto­r­i­al on Recy­cle, eh.


I’ve heard of freez­er paper sten­cil­ing but nev­er tried it myself. Say YES! to Hobo­ken has some real­ly clear instruc­tion for it, and from her projects (like this beau­ti­ful Gold­en Gate Bridge!) it looks like small details trans­late well — like screen print­ing, but with equip­ment one can find in the pantry! I might try it out soon!


Per­fect father’s day gift and a bril­liant idea. How-to for pock­et watch album on The Moth­er Hud­dle.


Also bril­liant is this apron with a remov­able tow­el. I used to have to wear an apron for work every­day, and I imag­ine a tow­el is prob­a­bly more effec­tive for clean­ing hands than the aver­age apron mate­r­i­al. How-to on H is for Hand­made.


Clever and styl­ish use of the queen Anne’s lace pat­tern! Spot­ted on Lit­tle Trea­sures.


This lit­tle crea­ture reminds me so much of vaca­tion on the East Coasts. Hap­py times! Free pat­tern from Karabouts.


I was so excit­ed when I saw this — I have a friend who loves to cycle and I was going to make it and mail it to her as a belat­ed birth­day present. But then I read the pat­tern I real­ized that I need to have the bike on hand to cro­chet the stream­ers around the han­dles (kind of like yarn-bomb­ing!). Does­n’t make it any less awe­some though! In fact, it’ll just give me an excuse to invite my friend (and her bike) over :D Bril­liant pat­tern on Spec­less.


Instruc­tion to make cake in a jar! No, not the kind you have to pour out, add an egg and bake — the kind you can just dig in with all the icing and every­thing! I mean, cup­cakes are cute but I always have a hard time eat­ing the icing and the cake togeth­er. With these one could enjoy both the cake and the icing all at once, and there’s no mess, and one could put it down if it’s absolute­ly nec­es­sary and come back to it lat­er, and it’s just as pret­ty as cup­cakes. Bril­liant! From Dear Lizzy.


French artist Eti­enne Cli­quet designed these origa­mi mod­els to unfold on water through cap­il­lary action. Watch the mes­mer­iz­ing video on Craft!


Lego ship in a bot­tle! There’s even a time lapse video doc­u­ment­ing how it’s built here!


A gallery of card­board cities and places in the world — I love the card­board pan­das and the dou­ble-deck­er bus in Lon­don :D From Paper Crave.


Tetris is my favourite video game (and the only game I can play well. Real­ly well, actu­al­ly, if I do say so myself), so I have to put this in my list of favourite things this week — Tetris sticky notes! (via Inspire me now)


Final­ly, I must also share this. It’s been in my favourite thing fold­er for a while, and I open it every now and then to watch the video. It’s a real­ly short video but it delights me to no end. Some­thing my broth­er-in-law would total­ly do. It makes me chuck­le. Every time. So here it is. I hope it brings a smile to your face too. (From Cutesy But Not Cutesy)



Hap­py Fri­day! :D

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  1. Thank you for includ­ing my lit­tle weav­ings using a card board loom in this Fri­day round-up of fab­u­lous links! Just a warn­ing — they can become addic­tive! Haven’t stopped mak­ing them since i wrote the tutorial!

    Just fin­ished watch­ing the Lego ship in a bot­tle assem­bly — had to see to believe. 

    And I am fas­ci­nat­ed with the paper bowl — can’t you see it as the base for a lit­tle ship orna­ment for the Christ­mas tree? I have been try­ing to think up an idea for­ev­er. This is perfect!

  2. Oh, you’ve got some won­der­ful links here! The lit­tle looms are so appeal­ing. Hope you have a won­der­ful weekend!

  3. Absolute­ly my fave Favorite Fri­day yet! So many won­der­ful links! Tru­ly Fan­tas­tic! Many thanks, and enjoy your weekend!

  4. thank you so much for stop­ping by, every­one! i always look for­ward to writ­ing the favourite things fri­day posts, and wish i have all the time in the world to make all the crafts i find :D

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