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Sweetest thing ever. Free stitching pattern on Lazy May. (via Feeling Stitchy)


I always admire the twig structure that vines grow on in people’s yards. Here’s how to build one! From Craft Leftovers.


Portable weaving, involving just cardboard pieces and stash of yarn, both of which I have plenty — another must-try on my list! :D A very detailed and clear tutorial on Gingerbread Snowflakes.


I couldn’t help but grin when I saw these. So delightfully simple. Loo roll critters from El hada de papel.


I love how the hinge is made of rolled up paper too! Makes a very sculptural home decor. Paper bowl tutorial on Recycle, eh.


I’ve heard of freezer paper stenciling but never tried it myself. Say YES! to Hoboken has some really clear instruction for it, and from her projects (like this beautiful Golden Gate Bridge!) it looks like small details translate well — like screen printing, but with equipment one can find in the pantry! I might try it out soon!


Perfect father’s day gift and a brilliant idea. How-to for pocket watch album on The Mother Huddle.


Also brilliant is this apron with a removable towel. I used to have to wear an apron for work everyday, and I imagine a towel is probably more effective for cleaning hands than the average apron material. How-to on H is for Handmade.


Clever and stylish use of the queen Anne’s lace pattern! Spotted on Little Treasures.


This little creature reminds me so much of vacation on the East Coasts. Happy times! Free pattern from Karabouts.


I was so excited when I saw this — I have a friend who loves to cycle and I was going to make it and mail it to her as a belated birthday present. But then I read the pattern I realized that I need to have the bike on hand to crochet the streamers around the handles (kind of like yarn-bombing!). Doesn’t make it any less awesome though! In fact, it’ll just give me an excuse to invite my friend (and her bike) over :D Brilliant pattern on Specless.


Instruction to make cake in a jar! No, not the kind you have to pour out, add an egg and bake — the kind you can just dig in with all the icing and everything! I mean, cupcakes are cute but I always have a hard time eating the icing and the cake together. With these one could enjoy both the cake and the icing all at once, and there’s no mess, and one could put it down if it’s absolutely necessary and come back to it later, and it’s just as pretty as cupcakes. Brilliant! From Dear Lizzy.


French artist Etienne Cliquet designed these origami models to unfold on water through capillary action. Watch the mesmerizing video on Craft!


Lego ship in a bottle! There’s even a time lapse video documenting how it’s built here!


A gallery of cardboard cities and places in the world — I love the cardboard pandas and the double-decker bus in London :D From Paper Crave.


Tetris is my favourite video game (and the only game I can play well. Really well, actually, if I do say so myself), so I have to put this in my list of favourite things this week — Tetris sticky notes! (via Inspire me now)


Finally, I must also share this. It’s been in my favourite thing folder for a while, and I open it every now and then to watch the video. It’s a really short video but it delights me to no end. Something my brother-in-law would totally do. It makes me chuckle. Every time. So here it is. I hope it brings a smile to your face too. (From Cutesy But Not Cutesy)



Happy Friday! :D

7 thoughts on “favourite things friday

  1. Thank you for including my little weavings using a card board loom in this Friday round-up of fabulous links! Just a warning — they can become addictive! Haven’t stopped making them since i wrote the tutorial!

    Just finished watching the Lego ship in a bottle assembly — had to see to believe. 

    And I am fascinated with the paper bowl — can’t you see it as the base for a little ship ornament for the Christmas tree? I have been trying to think up an idea forever. This is perfect!

  2. Oh, you’ve got some wonderful links here! The little looms are so appealing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Absolutely my fave Favorite Friday yet! So many wonderful links! Truly Fantastic! Many thanks, and enjoy your weekend!

  4. thank you so much for stopping by, everyone! i always look forward to writing the favourite things friday posts, and wish i have all the time in the world to make all the crafts i find :D

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