favourite things friday

Best favourite thing this week — homemade ice cream without a machine, without shaking, but with condensed milk! Condensed milk has got to be one of my favourite foods. My friend Annie pointed me to the recipe on Kevin and Amanda and I can’t wait to try it :D


Second best thing I came across this week — homemade “Febreze”! Made with fabric softener and baking soda, plus water. Also a must-try! From Fake-It-Frugal.


Aren’t these adorable? Perfect for a back-to-school gift. How-to on Scissors Paper Wok.


Oooh look! A similar method of image transfer as my recycling bin kaleidoscope, but used on glass votive holders, with old photos! How-to on Inspired Ideas.


Another stylish men shirt refashion from Cotton & Curls. I actually have this one cut out already, with one of Mike’s old white dress shirt, will post results once I get around to sewing it together! :D


This is brilliant! And pretty self-explanatory. Make mini pom poms with a fork from The Baker’s Twine. (But of course one could just use regular yarn.)


Came across some great ways to reuse mason jars this week. One that I like very much is the mason jar herb garden from Weeping Cherries. Like a terrarium, and edible! :D


This would be great for a young person going off to college, I think! Mason jar sewing kit, from Say Yes! to Hoboken.


Very cool-looking way to turn mason jars into porcelain-like containers — with hot glue and spray paint! From Pure & Noble.


Very comprehensive tutorials to make different flowers with crepe paper from the Martha website — it demonstrates how to make everything from petals to stamens to leaves! In the photograph they look so realistic!


This is very neat — fold an envelope with a heart-shape piece of paper! Perfect for daily love notes to hide in lunch bags. From Forty Weeks and then Some.


I’ve been looking for this for the favourite things posts, and finally spotted it on Pinterest. I know that I first saw it in a Martha Stewart Living magazine, but I can’t seem to find any link for it. But anyway, the photos explains very well how it works, and the cabbage prints look quite amazing! Something to try one day.


A dainty lace hairpin from McLaughlin Designs. I love the colour of the one pictured.


The way that this architect uses space is inspiring. He actually looks pretty comfortable in his 78 square-foot apartment — check out the video tour on Curbly! And I kind of envy how he doesn’t have a lot of stuff. Even the thought of moving now would make me cringe, because we’ve got so much stuff… not so much stuff we buy, but gifts, things I make, things I collect from the beach or the park. But before I got married my possessions were pretty streamlined too because of lack of space. My first apartment was about 100 square-feet. It did have a bathroom, and a closet, but no kitchen, just a microwave and a bar fridge. I had a pull-out couch which takes up pretty much all of the apartment when folded out into a bed. I would have to fold it back into a couch every morning. It was also on the top floor of a 3‑story building without an air conditioner so it got really, really hot in the summer. I lived there during the heat wave of 2005, and I moved out after a year. Not really because of the size of the place (I actually quite liked it; in my sister’s words, it was rather quaint), but mostly because the heat was pretty unbearable and it was kind of lonely to live by myself. Anyway, I digress…


Finally, thank you very much for all the feedback about the favourite things posts! I initially started recording my favourite things so I can keep track of projects I want to try one day, or ideas that inspire me. But I’m really happy that visitors to this blog enjoy these posts as much as I do, and that they feel inspired by these ideas and find them helpful too! Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words!

Have a great weekend, everyone! :D

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  1. The pompoms are great for making while watching a movie I think. The ice cream will have to wait though: I just bought a magazine special about desserts and I’ve got my mind set on those raspberry ice tarts!

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