behold — a wall of yarn!

I have my very own colour-coordinated wall of yarn! So excited XD

This past weekend Mike and I completely reorganized our apartment to make room for more work surfaces. And yes, to contain my ever spreading “crafty corner”. I used to have yarn in bins and bags all over the apartment, beside the couch and under the bed and stacked against the wall. But now it’s all in one place! :D These shelving units that the yarn is in at the moment were originally our bookshelves. We moved all our books onto new bookshelves in our bedroom.

Filbert the Chococat is in yarn heaven right now :D

Here’s another view of it from a different angle… I’m so proud!


Sadly, the yarn is not going to stay this way for very long. It’s just not practical to stack yarn on top of one another like that; I’d have an avalanche of yarn every time I rummage through the shelves (“would that be a dream or a nightmare?” Mike muses). So I’m going to find the cheapest bins possible to fit into those shelves to hold the yarn. But for now it’s pretty to look at!

I particularly enjoy all the different shades of white/beige yarn together.


In the process I also learned that I have a huge amount of blue yarn. (nearly three full shelves!)


Quite a bit of grey and black…


A healthy amount of green and red/pink…



And a bit low on yellow, peach, and purple.

I’ve also put my spider plant, wedding bouquet, terrarium and jar of seashells on top of the wall of yarn :D

My other terrarium sits on one of the bookshelves in the wall of books in the bedroom. It makes me happy :)

And we also made room for a small studio space — no more sewing and painting on the dinner table! :D 

The space where I kept all the art supplies before was a bit of a disaster. I had pile and pile of things at the foot of the utility shelf, and things on the shelves are always falling over. So over the weekend I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things and put things that I don’t use on a regular basis in bins and boxes. I used to think that art supplies need to be out in the open as much as possible so everything is easily accessible. But now I’ve learned that it’s easier to dust a box than it is to dust between sheets of handmade paper and bottles of paint. If I really needed the handmade paper or the paint it’s not hard to open a box to get it.

Mike also got a new six feet long desk, which he is rather happy about. Now he has enough room to draw at his desk, rather than having to hunch over the coffee table.

It’s really funny how it works. The apartment didn’t get any bigger but we got more space just moving stuff around. I guess over the past few years of living in it we learned how we can use this space more effectively to suit the work that we do.

We did a lot of work this weekend; the only furniture we didn’t move was the bed. And still a lot of finishing and vacuuming to do, but everything is pretty much organized and I’m feeling more motivated than before. Not really about anything in particular, just generally more motivated and energized. It’s funny what our surroundings can do to our moods.

Hope you have a great start to the week! :D


7 thoughts on “behold — a wall of yarn!

  1. I sooo need yarn shelves. The ones I intended to use for that ended up being needed in the kitchen. :(
    Oh well…

  2. You could cut thin sheets of wood to cut the holes in half diagonally, then by cutting a slot half way in the middle, put two of them together to make an “X” in some of them. That would make 4 mini-cubbies in each cubbie.

  3. that’s an awesome idea! though it may be a bit challenging as we have no woodworking tools. might have to head over to friends who have said tools… it’s definitely a good option! thank you so much for sharing, Arlene! :D

  4. I was thinkig the same thing as Arlene, with one piece of wood. Two does make more sense. When I first glanced at your first picture, it looked like you were at a yarn store :-). Shoebox-sized plastic boxes with lids work well, too. I use them to store lots of my craft supplies. They stack so well. Oh, yes, I have many stacks of them…

    That little table in the corner is very cool looking.

  5. oooh, all these great ideas! thank you so much! i do agree that a triangular space will hold the yarn better. maybe they sell ready-made dividers like that at ikea. i need to make a trip there to see what they have in terms of bins and stuff.

  6. There’s types of wood you can cut with scissors or a box cutter, like balsa wood. But this really calls for a low budget project like cardboard covered with pretty paper. All of the colors make the cupboard so nice to look at!

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