This was inspired by some­thing I saw on Pin­ter­est a while ago, draw­ing on leaf with a sil­ver pen. I went and bought a sil­ver pen soon after I saw that, and found a leaf to draw on. I’ve been car­ry­ing both in my back­pack for the past few weeks but haven’t used them until yesterday.

Oak leaves are great for this because they have a kind of durable leath­ery tex­ture, and pre­serve well with­out hav­ing to be pressed. 

It’s been real­ly rainy these days, so I’m hop­ing for dri­er days to col­lect more leaves before they’re all fallen.

Think­ing of a cozy squir­rel nest with piles of leaves and acorns in it… Have a hap­py Thursday!



5 thoughts on “provision

  1. thank you Nan­cy! i’ve nev­er used a sil­ver sharpie before, but i imag­ine it will work fine as long as it as a soft tip. i kept pok­ing holes in the leaf because the pen i used has a fine pointy tip, and because dried leaves are brit­tle. but if it is first sealed with mod podge then it would pre­vent the pen from dam­ag­ing the leaf — thank you for the link!

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