round about


This was inspired by a necklace tutorial I mentioned in an awesome-finds post. I decided to make it one afternoon when I was feeling nervous for no particular reasons.

I do wish I have different colour glass beads but green plastic ones were all I had. And I used two different shades of silver wire because the one spool I was using ran out in the middle of it. But I think it still looks pretty good with the wooden bead added to it. Though I’ll likely swap out a green bead for an white pearl or iridescent one when I can find it.


I was also thinking this would be a lovely reflecting on support/blessings kind of project, where each bead could represent an important person in one’s life, or a milestone, or a blessing. The green beads I use don’t really represent anything or anyone (though I do like the colour green), but I think I might make this again with more thoughts put into it.

Wishing you a day full of joy and wonders.



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