this week’s awesome finds

A large hook project! :D Pat­tern for granny square shrug by Kootoy­oo. I love the pink ver­sion by Thorn­ber­ry too!


Love jel­ly fish — love these lamps! Spot­ted on Inspire Me Now.


Make beau­ti­ful vin­tage prints by print­ing on mul­ber­ry paper. How-to from Pho­to­jo­jo.


It’s almost spring! Time to think about mak­ing some sum­mer shirts. Real­ly like how flowy this looks! A trip to the fab­ric shop as soon as school is out! How-to for cir­cle knit top on Hon­est to Nod.


I’d also like to be able to sew my own leg­gings. How-to on the Etsy blog.


Maybe I can make this with t‑shirts! How-to on Made it on Mon­day.


For a tea par­ty! Prob­a­bly the pret­ti­est par­ty hats I’ve seen. From Oh Hap­py Day.


Spot­ted these on my friend’s Face­book wall! :D Totoro cake pops — aren’t they the cutest? From Cutest Food (only a pho­to though, but if one knows how to make cake pops one could maybe fig­ure out how to make them?).


Origa­mi koi, spot­ted on Jour­ney into Unschool­ing. Fol­low the link on the post to the instruc­tion video!


Always love nature-inspired jew­el­ry. How-to for these awe­some gold twig ban­gles on A Pair and a Spare.


I real­ly like the con­struc­tion of this cro­cheted star. Pat­tern on Wind Rose Fiber Stu­dio. 


And final­ly, THE cutest cat paper craft! Print and make your own cat in a box! From Tub­by­paws. There’s a ridicu­lous­ly cute video on how to make it too! XD


Wish­ing you an awe­some start to the week!


collaborative effort


Look! New fin­ished project! :D

I final­ly decid­ed that the oval shrug in my yarn-craft­ing res­o­lu­tion list is way beyond my knit­ting skill lev­el, so I found anoth­er pat­tern to replace it. It’s by Tiny Owl Knits.

It’s kind of shaped like the oval shrug, but much sim­pler! AND it has a cro­cheted edg­ing :D It’s per­fect because a) I want­ed to prac­tice knit­ting cables, and b) I don’t know how to pick up stitch­es from a knit­ted edge to knit an edg­ing. So it’s a col­lab­o­ra­tive effort between knit­ting and cro­chet­ing :D

Fits well, and it’s real­ly rather warm, because it’s knit­ted with 2 strands of bulky weight yarn held togeth­er on 10mm nee­dles. Which means that it also knits up very quick­ly :D

When it first came off the nee­dles the cables looked real­ly bulky, but I was­n’t sure if block­ing would work because the yarn I used is a wool/acrylic blend. And it’s been used in anoth­er knit­ting project before, washed, and frogged. But my friend shared with me a method of block­ing for acrylic that involves iron­ing the gar­ment under a wet tow­el, so I tried it…

… and it worked! :D

I’m not exact­ly block­ing here, as I’m not pin­ning the shrug down to mea­sure­ment. But the cables stayed flat nonethe­less, which makes it look more “store-bought” and pol­ished-look­ing, I think.

I’m now work­ing on anoth­er knit­ting exper­i­ment… might be able to get a pat­tern out of it, will let you know! :D

Have a won­der­ful week­end, everyone!




round about


This was inspired by a neck­lace tuto­r­i­al I men­tioned in an awe­some-finds post. I decid­ed to make it one after­noon when I was feel­ing ner­vous for no par­tic­u­lar reasons.

I do wish I have dif­fer­ent colour glass beads but green plas­tic ones were all I had. And I used two dif­fer­ent shades of sil­ver wire because the one spool I was using ran out in the mid­dle of it. But I think it still looks pret­ty good with the wood­en bead added to it. Though I’ll like­ly swap out a green bead for an white pearl or iri­des­cen­t one when I can find it.


I was also think­ing this would be a love­ly reflect­ing on support/blessings kind of project, where each bead could rep­re­sent an impor­tant per­son in one’s life, or a mile­stone, or a bless­ing. The green beads I use don’t real­ly rep­re­sent any­thing or any­one (though I do like the colour green), but I think I might make this again with more thoughts put into it.

Wish­ing you a day full of joy and wonders.