this week’s awesome finds

A large hook project! :D Pattern for granny square shrug by Kootoyoo. I love the pink version by Thornberry too!


Love jelly fish — love these lamps! Spotted on Inspire Me Now.


Make beautiful vintage prints by printing on mulberry paper. How-to from Photojojo.


It’s almost spring! Time to think about making some summer shirts. Really like how flowy this looks! A trip to the fabric shop as soon as school is out! How-to for circle knit top on Honest to Nod.


I’d also like to be able to sew my own leggings. How-to on the Etsy blog.


Maybe I can make this with t‑shirts! How-to on Made it on Monday.


For a tea party! Probably the prettiest party hats I’ve seen. From Oh Happy Day.


Spotted these on my friend’s Facebook wall! :D Totoro cake pops — aren’t they the cutest? From Cutest Food (only a photo though, but if one knows how to make cake pops one could maybe figure out how to make them?).


Origami koi, spotted on Journey into Unschooling. Follow the link on the post to the instruction video!


Always love nature-inspired jewelry. How-to for these awesome gold twig bangles on A Pair and a Spare.


I really like the construction of this crocheted star. Pattern on Wind Rose Fiber Studio


And finally, THE cutest cat paper craft! Print and make your own cat in a box! From Tubbypaws. There’s a ridiculously cute video on how to make it too! XD


Wishing you an awesome start to the week!


collaborative effort


Look! New finished project! :D

I finally decided that the oval shrug in my yarn-crafting resolution list is way beyond my knitting skill level, so I found another pattern to replace it. It’s by Tiny Owl Knits.

It’s kind of shaped like the oval shrug, but much simpler! AND it has a crocheted edging :D It’s perfect because a) I wanted to practice knitting cables, and b) I don’t know how to pick up stitches from a knitted edge to knit an edging. So it’s a collaborative effort between knitting and crocheting :D

Fits well, and it’s really rather warm, because it’s knitted with 2 strands of bulky weight yarn held together on 10mm needles. Which means that it also knits up very quickly :D

When it first came off the needles the cables looked really bulky, but I wasn’t sure if blocking would work because the yarn I used is a wool/acrylic blend. And it’s been used in another knitting project before, washed, and frogged. But my friend shared with me a method of blocking for acrylic that involves ironing the garment under a wet towel, so I tried it…

… and it worked! :D

I’m not exactly blocking here, as I’m not pinning the shrug down to measurement. But the cables stayed flat nonetheless, which makes it look more “store-bought” and polished-looking, I think.

I’m now working on another knitting experiment… might be able to get a pattern out of it, will let you know! :D

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!




round about


This was inspired by a necklace tutorial I mentioned in an awesome-finds post. I decided to make it one afternoon when I was feeling nervous for no particular reasons.

I do wish I have different colour glass beads but green plastic ones were all I had. And I used two different shades of silver wire because the one spool I was using ran out in the middle of it. But I think it still looks pretty good with the wooden bead added to it. Though I’ll likely swap out a green bead for an white pearl or iridescent one when I can find it.


I was also thinking this would be a lovely reflecting on support/blessings kind of project, where each bead could represent an important person in one’s life, or a milestone, or a blessing. The green beads I use don’t really represent anything or anyone (though I do like the colour green), but I think I might make this again with more thoughts put into it.

Wishing you a day full of joy and wonders.