the travelling donut


Part of my Christ­mas present for Mike this year is a knit­ted tiny donut from a Mochi­mochi Land pat­tern. Because it looks a lot like the donut in the Excel gum com­mer­cial (I can’t find a bet­ter qual­i­ty video of it, but this ver­sion of the gum com­mer­cial is extra spe­cial because it was filmed at Dupont sub­way sta­tion in Toron­to, which is also one of Mike’s favourite sub­way sta­tion, fea­tur­ing two large glass tile mosaics of giant flow­ers :D) and Mike real­ly likes that donut. 

Close to Christ­mas we got into a con­ver­sa­tion about sprin­kles, and Mike men­tioned that metal­lic sprin­kles are his favourite, so I added sil­very beads to the donut.

I got a lot of help from my friend, who is a very skilled knit­ter and very patient. It took three hours alto­geth­er for a pat­tern that con­sists of 13 rows of knit­ting, which is kind of aston­ish­ing for me since I’m used to cro­chet­ing. The donut is espe­cial­ly chal­leng­ing for me because it’s tiny and involves knit­ting in the round!

So you can prob­a­bly see huge gaps between stitch­es where the nee­dles join, but I’m still hap­py with my first attempt of tiny knit in the round :D

And the most impor­tant thing is that Mike loves it :D

He car­ried it in his coat when we vis­it­ed fam­i­lies over the holidays…

The first night we arrived in Mike’s home­town, there was a lot of snow.

donut travel 1


The next morn­ing, there was even more snow.

donut travel 4


Then we went on a bus toward my fam­i­ly’s home…

donut travel 3


First dim sum gath­er­ing with the extend­ed family…

donut travel 2


Sec­ond dim sum gath­er­ing with the extend­ed family…

donut travel 5


It’s kind of hilar­i­ous how it always looks surprised.

Donut still liv­ing in Mike’s coat pock­et at the moment. He’s not sure whether he wants to keep it at work or at home. Maybe he’ll take more pho­tos for the trav­el­ling donut posts! 

Hap­py trav­els, wher­ev­er you go! :D





11 thoughts on “the travelling donut

  1. Thank you so much! He’s such an awe­some gift.

    I think dinosaur sprin­kles are my all time favourite, but metal­lic sprin­kles are def­i­nite­ly in my top five.

  2. thank you, every­one! it’s actu­al­ly a fun pat­tern, one could make all sorts of dif­fer­ent kinds of donuts! :D

  3. That dough­nut is so cute! I’ve always want­ed to try Mochi­mochi Land pat­terns, but I’m not as com­fort­able with knit­ting as crocheting…

    I made the Excel Gum dough­nut for my dad for Christ­mas a cou­ple years ago, but it’s def­i­nite­ly not as cute as your lil guy.

    Also, I linked to your pat­tern for Sher­bert (your yeti) from my blog. Just let­ting you know!

  4. thank you for men­tion­ing sher­bert on your blog — he’s thrilled! :D
    the donut is one of the eas­i­er pat­terns on mochi­mochi land i think, some prac­tice with knit­ting in the round with dou­ble-point­ed nee­dles and i think you’d be ready to go :D i’m sure your donut is adorable! :D

  5. So good!!! Lit­tle gifts with lots of mean­ing are the best! Such a fun post and I’d love to see more sur­pris­ing adven­tures from the trav­el­ing donut!
    Kate :}

  6. what’s also inter­est­ing is to think about what would a small crea­ture like donut think about this place that’s famil­iar to us? def­i­nite­ly brings new per­spec­tives :D

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