leucocoprinus birnbaumii

That is the very uncom­mon name of a very com­mon yel­low house­plant mush­room :D

Accord­ing to Wiki, it is also called “flow­er­pot para­sol” or “plant­pot dap­per­ling”. Very pret­ty names. One start­ed grow­ing in our spi­der plant!


When we first spot­ted it it was very tiny, maybe quar­ter of an inch tall.

Then a few days lat­er we noticed the cap com­plete­ly open. It was still tiny, about half an inch tall.


This is a bet­ter pic­ture from Mike.


We took these pic­tures at night. The next morn­ing we found the mush­room already wilted :(

Have you had these mush­rooms in your plants? Accord­ing to this help­ful site, it does not hurt the house­plants, and it’s not harm­ful they’re eat­en. So maybe not so great when there are young chil­dren and pets.

Which reminds me, maybe some mush­rooms are out already in the park. I should go out for walks some­times and start look­ing :D

Hope you have a hap­py Sun­day and a good week!


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  1. a very inter­est­ing post…I have want­ed to learn about for­ag­ing for edi­ble mush­rooms on Van­cou­ver Island…I think that this fall is the time…

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