luna love

Photo 2016-04-24, 9 26 06 PM

Recent­ly remind­ed of my fond­ness of Luna, advis­er to the Sailor Moon and her friends. She has all her flaws, with her moments of pan­ic, embar­rass­ment, dis­ap­point­ment, fury, exhaus­tion, melt-down, uncer­tain­ty, even occa­sion­al mean­ness (in one episode she drew a pic­ture to make fun of Usa­gi for becom­ing “fat” :S), but she always holds on to her pur­pose, and deter­mi­na­tion to ful­fill her pur­pose. And she does­n’t take crap from people.

AND! She shows us that unpleas­ant moments can be quite com­i­cal! (in some ways)

Must have to do with our recent trip to Asia. We’ve in fact come across a lot of Sailor Moon mer­chan­dise while there. Won­der if Sailor Moon is pop­u­lar again, in a nos­tal­gic kind of way, or its pop­u­lar­i­ty has always been con­sis­tent in South Korea and Hong Kong?

Any­way, did­n’t buy any­thing Sailor Moon while on the trip, so I was search­ing on Etsy a cou­ple days ago, and came across this per­fect­ly Luna pin back but­ton in this shop, I just HAD to get it :D

I need a feline men­tor to demon­strate how to say no (there are more of these if you also feel like you need to say no more often). It’s mak­ing its way across the con­ti­nent as I type :D In the mean­while, I found a plas­tic Luna key ring some­where at home, so I sawed the plas­tic ring part off its top and glued a pin back on it. Ta-da! My very own portable feline mentor.

Photo 2016-04-30, 4 26 50 PM

Have a very good week­end, everyone!