heart of the sea

Photo 2016-08-20, 1 36 49 PM

I recently went to a millefiori jewelry workshop with a good neighbour, who spotted this Groupon and we jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve always been fascinated by millefiori. I used to be obsessed with making imitation ones with fimo when I was a kid. But I’ve never worked with real glass millefiori canes. So here we are! :D

We didn’t get to make the canes but we used them in kind of a mosaic project, filling pendant bezel trays with pieces of the glass canes.

Photo 2016-08-20, 1 12 59 PM

Aren’t they so pretty?

I decided to use blue and green ones. And I found a heart! :D If it were an artwork, I would call it “heart of the sea”.

Photo 2016-08-20, 1 55 15 PM

The shop owners would then pour epoxy or resin into it to seal all the glass pieces in. We left our pieces there for the resin to set, and picked them up a few days later.

Isn’t this beautiful? I love the air bubbles in it, and the feeling of depth that the epoxy creates.

Photo 2016-08-24, 6 28 31 PM

With my macro lens :D

Photo 2016-08-24, 6 27 04 PM

I think it looks great on a long chain :D

Photo 2016-08-24, 6 43 18 PM

It’s a bit of a trek for me to get to the shop, so while I was there to pick up my project, I went on a small adventure nearby :D pictures to come, stay tuned!

Have a good rest of the week!


6 thoughts on “heart of the sea

  1. Trish, it is lovely! When I was a child we often visited a friend of my parents who had a collection of millefiori paperweights. They fascinated me. I could look at them for hours. 

    This is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Que ce pendentif est joli! on dirait que des petites étoiles sont tombées dans la mer! Vous avez décidément des doigts de fée.

  3. Thanks so much Claudine for your lovely words! I need more practice to have steady hands like the shop owners, the tweezers definitely helped but it took longer than expected to fit all the beads in!

  4. This makes me wonder if you’ve ever made a kaleidoscope. I’m sure I spelled that incorrectly. :) This kind of art reminds me of them.

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