Remem­ber­ing Kathreen Rick­et­son, whose blog, Whipup, was one of the first blogs I fol­lowed, whose cre­ative ener­gy inspired and moti­vat­ed me to cre­ate, whose gen­eros­i­ty and desire to increase expo­sure for fel­low crafters con­tributed so much to growth of indi­vid­ual arti­sans and the craft­ing com­mu­ni­ty as a whole. I’ve had the priv­i­lege of exchang­ing a few emails with Kathreen, when I timid­ly sent her one of my first tuto­ri­als, and she agreed to share it on her wide­ly pop­u­lar blog. I was so excit­ed, so encour­aged by her kind words. My heart weeps over the trag­ic acci­dent that took the lives of Kathreen and her part­ner, Rob. An account has been set up for their chil­dren, Otil­i­ja and Orlan­do. Details are post­ed here for those who’d like to contribute.



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  1. Trish, thank you for post­ing this trag­ic news. I will def­i­nite­ly want to con­tribute to the fund for the chil­dren. Their moth­er gave us so much.

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