Enoki, maybe?

Another terrarium, yes.

I actually made the mossy part for the other terrarium, but it turned out too big for the jar. And of course I didn’t bother to check its size until it was all sewn together. It’s kind of dumb, I know. Like I never bother to check gauge when I make sweaters and more often than not they turn out too big/too small/altogether ill-fitting. Then I take it all apart and do it all over, again without checking gauge.

That’s why I like to crochet and (almost) never knit. It’s much easier to rip out crochet stitches than knit stitches.

But I didn’t want to take the moss apart. It would be too much effort to take out the sewing, and it looked too lovely to not do anything with it. So the only option was, of course, to make another terrarium.

I found a candle holder that fits well over top the overgrown moss. Like a bell jar, you know? Very posh. Then I needed a base. I couldn’t find anything for a base. So I decided to make one. I bought some air-drying clay from the dollar store earlier, because they were a dollar. I thought some cracks would give it more character. Like it was all effortless, you know. But it was actually anything but effortless to preserve the cracks while making the surface level so that the “bell jar” could more or less rest on it evenly. Anyways, the cracks grew longer and deeper as it dried. And it took forever (like 5 days) to dry. But I’m still rather happy with how it turned out, given that it doesn’t crack in half later when I’m not looking…

And then I thought the group of white mushrooms look a bit like Enoki:

A very delicious kind of mushroom. Has a buttery taste. I remember my grandmother really liked to cook with it, usually in stir fries. I can’t seem to find them in most grocery stores though, except for the Chinese ones, but I don’t live near the Chinese ones. That sucks. Apparently it’s really good in a roll, with beef, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one. If I ever come across one I’ll surely let you know how it tastes.

While looking around for a good picture of Enoki to show everyone, I found a kit for growing your own Enoki mushrooms (that’s where I got the picture), and a tutorial for making your own bell jar terrarium! So it’s only logical that one can grow a bell jar Enoki mushroom terrarium!

But I think I’ll just stick with the crochet-felt version for now. That world is much safer. No one could ever die in there. I really like making these terrariums. Maybe I can make one in a teacup next.

Enjoy the spring weather!