Practice freedom

{Step 1} Place sheet of paper on table.

{Step 2} Rip a sheet of tissue paper into bits.

{Step 3} Hold bits of tissue paper in closed palms, raise palms above paper.

{Step 4} Close eyes. Open palms and release tissue papers.

{Step 5} Brush over bits of tissue paper on the sheet of paper with diluted PVA glue exactly where they landed. Do this as quickly as possible and mechanically if necessary to avoid giving in to the urge to “fix” the “composition” of the “picture”.

I once heard a quote, its origin I’ve forgotten:

The opposite of hopelessness is not hope; it’s imagination. Imagining that things can be different.”

I imagine the same goes for freedom.

For me, it is mainly freedom from fear.

Many people have asked me, and I’ve also asked myself many times, that whether making art makes a difference. Just because you can make a picture with tissue papers flying freely about doesn’t mean that you can actually experience the freedom that you want in real life, right? Well. I can tell you that I have definitely seen making art make a difference in people’s lives, including my own. I would also say that if we don’t even bother to imagine, to make a tentative gesture, to take a stance against whatever that took away our freedom — even just practicing on paper, then how on earth do we suppose we can experience freedom in “real life”, whatever real life means?

I’m not upset with anyone, really, other than the insecure chatters in my head that kept attacking my faith and confidence for the past two weeks. So I guess these are little steps I take to reassure myself. To regain my composure. To keep going. And it does make a difference.

So, anyways, on a lighter note, we have been celebrating Marshie winning the Instructable Critter Contest with cream cheese frosting on Ritz crackers :D I saw this idea on MADE and thought I must try! We have a jar of cream cheese frosting in our fridge from when I was trying to make cupcakes several months ago, and Mike went out and got Ritz crackers after he heard me talk about it (he’s the bestest!). It’s actually quite good! Reminds me of the lemon cream biscuits I really liked when I was a kid (there are different fun flavours! Scroll down to the “cream sandwich biscuits” section!). I love cream cheese frosting…

May your day be filled with peace.

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