it’s never too late to celebrate Mother’s Day!

And never too early neither.

Somehow I thought Mother’s Day was the first Sunday of May, which was May 2nd. It was also close to my mom’s birthday, so I made her chestnut and napa cabbage to celebrate :D

While we were having dinner that weekend Mike told me that Mother’s Day was not on May 2nd, it was on May 9th.

I felt a bit dumb. But no matter. We couldn’t have gone to my parents’ to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 9th anyways. And we also couldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day with Mike’s mom on Mother’s Day. But! We were able to get together 2 weeks later. And during those two weeks, I worked on a secret present for my mother-in-law…

This! :D

Yet another brilliant tutorial on one of my favourite blogs, Ruffles and Stuff (I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like on that blog!), this is a family tree brooch. Usually a family tree brooch has every family member’s birth stone on it, but in this family too many birth stones are alike, I thought it would be fun to use beads of everyone’s favourite colours. I even found a black one that’s translucent. I have only ever seen opaque black beads, but trusty Arton Beads never fails to amaze me.

So, anyways. It is never too early or too late to celebrate Mother’s Day. In fact, we could celebrate mothers everyday!