An action-packed weekend montage!

1. Rasp­ber­ry-pick­ing on a prop­er bril­liant day! 2. gar­den flow­ers 3. jour­ney on the train with Choco­cat the Pez!

4. Cana­da Day sparklers! 5. pick­ing daisies 6. cor­ral fos­sil by the river

7. at the rasp­ber­ry patch 8. watch­ing fire­works on the hill 9. sun­set strolling

(By the way, I was going to make this mon­tage on Big Huge Labs, but it would­n’t let me upload pho­tos from my com­put­er unless I sign up for mem­ber­ship, so I gave up on the Labs and made this in Pow­er­point :P)

So! Those were all the things I did this week­end — what about you?

Hope you had a love­ly week­end, wher­ev­er you are :)