Some time in the spring I developed a fondness for cutting block letters from magazine pages, free-hand. I find it rather calming. And so, whenever I had a break in my work day, if I were not eating or doing paperwork, I would be sitting there cutting out block letters from magazine pages. Not just aimlessly cutting out block letters, but making greeting cards! Here are a few that I’ve made over the past few months. I liked them so much that I didn’t quite want to part with them, but I had to send them off because that was the point of making a greeting card… so I took photos of some of them.

This is one I made for a wedding, with bubble wrap print. The letters were cut from the rainbow-colour cupcakes on the cover of a Valentine’s Day issue of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. I also stuck a picture of a cupcake on the inside.

This one I made for my sister, for her graduation! She is an English major, so I cut out letters from an old book. And also berries and flowers from the Martha magazines. (The Martha magazine has got the best pictures for making greeting cards with!)

This is for someone who really likes water and the colour yellow, on a piece of paper I made. The picture might be too small to see, but the letters were cut from a photograph of a body of water. And the maple leaf is real — it’s from the tree that the birthday person’s husband had planted :D I particularly like the yellow tomatoes.

More bubble wrap print! With knit pattern on the letters. I love cutting out things from magazines because I never know what I’ll find, but what I do find is always perfect. It’s like a gift.

This one has lavender in the letters, and I was surprised to see that when I went to deliver the card to the person’s house, she had just planted lavender in her front yard.

Thank you for visiting my show-and-tell! :D

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  1. These are pretty great trish! You’re always finding something new to create, i love it. I’m getting lots of ideas here in asia..I hope I can create some sort of project..keep posting, your blog is fun! xoxo kitty

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