Weekend montage

1. Bright and sunny after thunderstorm, walking through park on the way home.

2. Spain’s the winner! Splashing celebration in the midst of Outdoor Art Expo.

3. And we walked by some echinaceas…

4. Churchill and seagull… :S

5. And we stopped to smell the lavenders.

6. We had a barbeque this afternoon with lots of leftover food! Tired of more hot dogs, we made it all into soup! Cut-up sausages plus remnants of the vegetable tray, and even red onion rings and tomato slices that didn’t get used for hamburgers! And I added macaroni. It’s actually quite good! The smokiness from the barbequed sausages made the soup interesting… and it made me feel very blessed to have food in abundance and family and friends to share it with.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Weekend montage

  1. the seagull just stood there for the longest time and many passersby came up with their cameras to take pictures of it!

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