A crochet gathering

Exciting news! I have an opportunity to demonstrate how to crochet this wrist-cuff-turns-cup-sleeve this coming Wednesday, August 18, at 6–7:30pm at the Walmer Centre. Come join us if you want to learn basic crochet stitches while making something useful! Yarn and buttons will be provided, and drop me a note if you need a hook! After my crochet demo there will also be a knitting workshop, from 7:30–9pm! Come to both and you’ll be all set for many of the fabulous crocheting and knitting patterns out there!

Speaking of fabulous patterns, I came across this truly amazing (and free!) potholder pattern a while ago, and I thought to myself that if I ever need to make a housewarming gift I will definitely make this. And here it is! An origami potholder for a new home :D

It’s actually quite straightforward and easy to make, but very impressive looking when it’s done. It’s quite magical how it all turns out. You’ll have to make it to experience the magic :P I think it will also make a nice coaster (with thinner yarn and smaller hook) or Christmas ornament (with very thin yarn and very small hook)!

So, anyway, have a fabulous weekend! And feel free to come join us on Wednesday for a needlecraft gathering!