a week in polariods

I had originally made a montage of polaroid pictures, but then I thought they didn’t really work all clumped together. So! Here are the pictures, in their glowing polaroid colours.

Earlier in the week we went to a birthday party for a little person who was turning 3.

My first acorn sighting of the season! I’ve seen acorn caps here and there, but not a whole acorn until now! I didn’t have my camera with me at the time so I brought it up stairs for a photo-shoot.

Then we went to see a show at a… lounge? You can probably tell I don’t go to shows like this very often. But I really enjoyed the music and the energy of both the band and the audience. And good company :D

Yesterday we went to a beach in Prince Edward County. One of our friends brought a butterfly fruit tray.

And we made s’mores on the portable grill! :D

We climbed 2 sand dunes to get to the beach, and on the way we saw berries that looked like blueberries. Being a chicken and all I didn’t try to eat it, but a brave soul who tasted one (and lived to tell the tale!) said it tasted like blueberries, except it had a pit inside.

Very fine sand, and some serious sandal tan!

Feet now in water! Pretty cold. A nice walk though.

I like this picture because the colours of the water and sky are the shades of beach glass, which I didn’t find any at the beach, not even stones! Just shattered shells and a bit of seaweed. Oh well.

Have a lovely week!