Favourite things of the week!

The new Ikea catalogue is out! And I was overjoyed to discover in it these PLUSH vegetables!! :D a 14-piece set for $9.99! A trip to Ikea is in order! There is a mushroom, and a LEEK! Comes with a basket, even! Yes, I’m going to go and buy it and then put shiny eyes and cute smiles on them :D

I found these small sgraffito drawings on Made by Joel so very charming. I’ve done drawings like these but I covered the whole page. I’ve never thought of just making small rectangles of it. Look like small woodcuts.

A kind lady passed on this link — pattern for crochet covered sea stones from the Purl Bee! I’ve seen them on Etsy before and have always wondered how to make them. They’d be lovely on a coffee table or windowsill or corner of a bookshelf.

Spotted this Old Rose Wrap from Loop Knit Lounge a few weeks ago, fell in love with its lightness and intricacy and mottled watercolour tones. And check out the many ways one can wear it, with a row of buttons sewn on one side! A very clever design indeed! I usually make very clunky things, mainly because I can only afford to buy very cheap, worsted weight acrylic yarn. And I enjoy making clunky things, but when I see patterns like this it does make me want to try my hands on more delicate things. It appears that this wrap only uses maybe 300g of sock yarn, so perhaps it’s doable :D

And finally, look at this lovely hairpin on Instructables! It’s made out of a straw! Resourceful or what? It is also a really cute straw in the picture, apparently from McDonald’s! So, note to self, from now on, keep a look out for pretty straws.

In the meanwhile, the project reminds me of the drinking straw stars I learned how to make when I was a teenager. I even bought these special straws that were made for making straw roses and stars from Hong Kong — they were made out of thinner, more flexible materials and much longer than regular straws. Anyway, I found a straw and tried to see if I remembered how to make one…

… took a few tries, and it’s harder to do with regular straws, but look! I can’t believe I still remember how to make this! Made me very happy last night :D

Hope your day is filled with small things that make you smile :)

2 thoughts on “Favourite things of the week!

  1. :O.…the plush veggie basket is so awesome~!!! ooh, if you put eyes and smiles on them, you can even make your own veggietale episodes! :D

    and oh…sgraffito…so that’s what it’s called. we used to do them in kindergarten in hong kong! ^o^

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