Favourite things of the week!

The new Ikea cat­a­logue is out! And I was over­joyed to dis­cov­er in it these PLUSH veg­eta­bles!! :D a 14-piece set for $9.99! A trip to Ikea is in order! There is a mush­room, and a LEEK! Comes with a bas­ket, even! Yes, I’m going to go and buy it and then put shiny eyes and cute smiles on them :D

I found these small sgraf­fi­to draw­ings on Made by Joel so very charm­ing. I’ve done draw­ings like these but I cov­ered the whole page. I’ve nev­er thought of just mak­ing small rec­tan­gles of it. Look like small woodcuts.

A kind lady passed on this link — pat­tern for cro­chet cov­ered sea stones from the Purl Bee! I’ve seen them on Etsy before and have always won­dered how to make them. They’d be love­ly on a cof­fee table or win­dowsill or cor­ner of a bookshelf.

Spot­ted this Old Rose Wrap from Loop Knit Lounge a few weeks ago, fell in love with its light­ness and intri­ca­cy and mot­tled water­colour tones. And check out the many ways one can wear it, with a row of but­tons sewn on one side! A very clever design indeed! I usu­al­ly make very clunky things, main­ly because I can only afford to buy very cheap, worsted weight acrylic yarn. And I enjoy mak­ing clunky things, but when I see pat­terns like this it does make me want to try my hands on more del­i­cate things. It appears that this wrap only uses maybe 300g of sock yarn, so per­haps it’s doable :D

And final­ly, look at this love­ly hair­pin on Instructa­bles! It’s made out of a straw! Resource­ful or what? It is also a real­ly cute straw in the pic­ture, appar­ent­ly from McDon­ald’s! So, note to self, from now on, keep a look out for pret­ty straws.

In the mean­while, the project reminds me of the drink­ing straw stars I learned how to make when I was a teenag­er. I even bought these spe­cial straws that were made for mak­ing straw ros­es and stars from Hong Kong — they were made out of thin­ner, more flex­i­ble mate­ri­als and much longer than reg­u­lar straws. Any­way, I found a straw and tried to see if I remem­bered how to make one…

… took a few tries, and it’s hard­er to do with reg­u­lar straws, but look! I can’t believe I still remem­ber how to make this! Made me very hap­py last night :D

Hope your day is filled with small things that make you smile :)

2 thoughts on “Favourite things of the week!

  1. :O.…the plush veg­gie bas­ket is so awe­some~!!! ooh, if you put eyes and smiles on them, you can even make your own veg­gi­etale episodes! :D

    and oh…sgraffito…so that’s what it’s called. we used to do them in kinder­garten in hong kong! ^o^

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