Yesterday I had to change my header picture because I wrote a new page, and with the old header picture the tab for the new page didn’t show up very well. I really liked the old header picture, and was sad that I had to replace it. After I took it off I realized that I never talked about the painting that the header was made from, so I thought I should write a few words on it.

It was a spontaneous doodle with watercolour I made last winter. Someone showed me a book about cave drawings, and apparently in cave drawings water was depicted as many circles linked together. I thought it was such an interesting way to interpret the nature of water, so I tried painting it with watercolour. To me there’s also a sense of connection and community. It’s one of my favourites. Maybe it will come back on the header once I figure out how to relocate the tabs for the pages…

The current header picture comes from Water Phoenix, another one of my favourite paintings. I’ve written about it here. I’ve noticed a recurring water theme in my paintings, and I pretty much only paint with watercolour nowadays… it’s strange, this recurring water theme, because I can’t swim and am terrified of deep water…

So, anyway, about the new page about the use of the patterns/tutorials on this blog… A couple of days ago I thought I should grouped all of the patterns that I’ve posted under one category so that they’re easier to access. While doing that I realized I’ve posted 7 patterns already. I’ve never really thought about the issues of copyright or whatever; I like to share patterns because crocheting cute things makes me happy and I thought other people might feel the same. Besides, the patterns I post aren’t complicated; they didn’t take long to “design”, if I can even call it that, and many people can probably figure them out just by looking at finished products. Also, I don’t plan to make a profit out of the things I make any time soon. However, I might in the future. Actually, it’s always been one of my dreams to make things full-time, but I’m in the midst of pursuing something else at the moment and I don’t think now is the right time to try and make a business out of this… anyway, I just like to crochet, but I thought after 7 patterns it’s probably time to put certain parameters around my work so that I can still use them in a different way in the future. I hope the “conditions” that I put around the use of my work aren’t too restricting. I’m so very grateful for all the feedback and kind words people have sent me on this blog and on Ravelry, and I’m always thrilled to see pictures of creations made with patterns I wrote.

And I’m always, always, always thankful that you’re visiting. Have a great week! :D

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