it’s like film, only digital! :D

YAY! My Zumi camera came in the mail yesterday! This is a birthday / Christmas / thesis completion present from Mike :D (even though thesis is not exactly completely completed…) I’ve been wanting to get a Diana for a long time, but was always weary about the cost of film and picture developing. So I was really excited when I came across the Zumi, because the quality and unpredictability of the pictures are like film, but only digital! :D

So we tested it out last night! This is a photo of the box and the (pink!) plastic dinosaur it came with.

The sun was just setting as we were fiddling with the camera.

Very saturated colours of the sunset.

And then I took this sad picture of the dead flowers we put outside on the balcony after it was infested with bugs while we were away on the weekend :(

As you can see in the first picture, it has a black and white mode. It also records video with sound. I really like the unpredictability and the surprises that it brings. Especially being so used to digital cameras with preview and knowing exactly what I’m taking a picture of, the guesswork of a viewfinder (which actually isn’t very accurate) is a rather interesting experience… I took around 80 pictures to get 8 that are worth keeping. I think it’s better for taking distant scenery than close-up shots of people or objects… just because it’s so hard to gauge what I’m aiming at. But I’m happy with it! Oh it also has a superb macro function which is in focus at precisely 3cm away from the object, but not at 5cm, 1cm, or 10cm.

Look at the texture of that leaf!

I usually have a really hard time spending money on what is essentially a toy. But we’re taking a trip to Hong Kong in a month, and I think this camera can capture some interesting images of my homeland.

Planning on bringing it out to the Distillery and Nuit Blanche on the weekend — stay tuned for more Zumi pictures! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. why did it come with a pink dinosaur.…?
    oh oh oh, the second picture of the sunset…it looks like a masked bandit! see the light eyes, the flat nose, and the flat cloud smile near the building? :D

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