While shopping at the supermarket with my grandparents the other day, saw mount of dragonfruits! 4 for $9.90 HKD. That’s like 4 for around $1.30 CAD!!

Me: WHOA! You know in Canada they’re like $4 each? *stuffs dragonfruits in grocery bag*

Grandma: Oh. That’s expensive.

Me: I mean $4 Canadian, that’s like $28 here!

Grandma: WHAT?! Then we should buy 4 more! *stuffs dragonfruits in grocery bag*


So we’ve been eating lots of dragonfruits in the past few days. We still have one left I think. They’re delicious! Delicately sweet with a consistency similar to that of strawberries. “Like strawberries with a bunch of kiwi seeds thrown in,” reports Mike.

My grandparents have a large banana tree and numerous papaya trees in their yard, plus a mango tree and a starfruit tree. Yay tropical fruits! :D

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