I yam what I yam

I prefer calling sweet potatoes yam :)

Anyway, attempting to make yam sweet soup for a late night snack. It’s a Chinese dessert made with yam, rock sugar and ginger. I had a general idea about how to make it but wanted to know how much sugar to use. I found a Chinese recipe that was pretty straightforward, but it just said “some rock sugar” in the ingredient list.

It reminds me of my grandmother, when we asked her for the recipe of her famous “tea fruit” (a Hakka snack in the form of rice flour patties) and how much rice flour she used, she said, “oh, just a small bowl.”

I later found an English version of the yam sweet soup recipe in case anyone’s interested :D

My yam sweet soup turned out a tad too sweet. I didn’t have rock sugar, so I just poured in a bunch of brown sugar. I would also like to put in more ginger next time. But it was a good late night snack :D

Happy Sunday!