for the goat!

The kids and parents at church were organizing a bake sale on Sunday, and I said I would bring some baked goods. They were going to use the money they raise to buy a goat or chickens from the World Vision Gift Catalogue.

I’m never very good at baking. The only Christmas baking I do is making dough ornaments. So I had no idea what to make. But then I remembered my new bunny and bird cookie cutters from Hong Kong. I bought them because I thought they’d make good ornaments. And they came in a nifty little box, in three different sizes.

And so I thought maybe I can test out my new cookie cutters and actually use them to make some sugar cookies.

I used this recipe from Canadian Living, and the medium bunny cookie cutter.

It was a pretty good recipe, I think, but I must have done something wrong somewhere in the process because the dough started crumbling. So I had to roll them out in small batches. But it all worked out in the end :D

Fresh baked bunnies! :D

Toward the end the dough was really crumbling and some of the last cookies looked rather wrinkly and cracked after being baked, so we ate those ourselves, with some hot cocoa and marshmallows :D

I think the bunny cookies were well received (especially by the kids) at the bake sale. I’m glad they help to raise money for the goat and chickens. One of the best wedding gifts we got was a goat from the gift catalogue and the bake sale was such a brilliant idea. Everything was gone pretty quickly. It was rather difficult to get through the wall of people in front of the bake sale tables to buy things, but Mike and I managed to get our hands on some banana muffins and mint chocolate chip cookies before they were gone :D

Have a happy Tuesday!

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