paper clips and rubber bands


I start­ed on a new knit­ting project. It’s a top-down round-yoke cardi­gan, and it required stitch mark­ers. I don’t have stitch mark­ers, but I dis­cov­ered that paper clips worked just fine :D I also wrapped a rub­ber band on the end of each nee­dle, so stop the grow­ing cardi­gan from run­ning off the dou­ble-point­ed needles.

My par­ents taught me to be resourceful :)

On a side note, the oth­er sweater that I was work­ing on, which is also grey, is giv­ing me a bit of a headache at the moment. I com­plet­ed it (yay!), but it turned out a bit big on me, so I threw it into the wash­er and dry­er and hope that it would felt and shrink slight­ly (it’s made of an acrylic/wool blend, I’ve nev­er felt­ed any­thing in the machine before, so maybe it was a stu­pid thing to do). But then, after it came out from the dry­er I was hor­ri­fied to find that not only did it not shrink, it was also cov­ered, and I mean cov­ered, in white fuzz balls!


I’m going to have to run the sweater shaver all over it to get rid of all the fuzz, and then sew on the but­tons. I’ll keep you posted!

Hope your week­end is fabulous!


P.S. The paper clip stitch mark­er isn’t my idea, I saw it used for cro­chet­ing over on Futur­girl Craft Blog, and I thought it might work for knit­ting too!

4 thoughts on “paper clips and rubber bands

  1. I did­n’t know you could still but sweater shavers, I need one. All the best with your cre­ative endeavours

  2. Twist ties are good for stitch mark­ers and stitch hold­ers =) Prob­a­bly not great for cables.

  3. that’s a great idea! ini­tial­ly i used pipe clean­ers, but they were too thick and made huge gaps between the stitch­es, so i had to start over :S

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