make a rainbow cake slice!


I promised to come back with anoth­er cel­e­bra­to­ry plush pat­tern — and of course, it’s the rain­bow cake slice pic­tured in the blo­giver­sary posts here, and here!

You may notice that it shares the same colour palette as the plush clutch :D It is also based on my moon cake pat­tern, with a colour­ful twist.

I’ve had the good for­tune of hav­ing a slice of rain­bow cake at my sis­ter-in-law’s bridal show­er. And I must say, it tast­ed… like any oth­er piece of cake. It was cer­tain­ly deli­cious, but if I were to eat it with my eyes closed I prob­a­bly would­n’t say that it’s a pas­try mas­ter­piece. BUT I did­n’t eat it with my eyes closed, and it was amaz­ing. Look how vibrant the colours are! (Please excuse the blur­ri­ness of the pic­ture — that was before I got a cam­era with a macro mode.)

Because I’m kind of a visu­al per­son, I’d say that this rain­bow cake was the sec­ond best cake I’ve ever had. (The best is the Swiss rolls from the Chi­nese bak­ery of the green tea variety, both colour­ful and deli­cious. I’d high­ly rec­om­mend try­ing it if you haven’t already.)

And if you’d like to make some real edi­ble rain­bow cake, here’s a recipe. One can even make some rain­bow pud­ding! Looks like a trip to the bak­ing aisle is in order.

In the mean­while, if you’d like to make the cro­chet (ined­i­ble, but cute!) rain­bow cake, here’s how it’s made — all you need is some yarn, some free time, and some love.

Yarn: bits of worsted weight yarn in blue, yel­low, orange, white, and grey. (I just used these colours to match the plush clutch, but you can use what­ev­er colours that strike your fan­cy. Scraps are great for this project.)

Hook: 3.5mm

Oth­er stuff: sewing nee­dle, stuff­ing, white glue

Top: with white

Row 1: ch 2, 2 sc in sec­ond ch from hook, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc, ch 1, turn.

Row 3: sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc, ch 1, turn.

Row 4: sc in first sc, 1 sc and 1 hdc in next sc, hdc in next sc, sc in next sc, ch 1, turn.

CORRECTED! Row 5 (ruf­fles): ch 2, in front back loop only, sl st in 1st sc, [ch 2, sl st in next st in front back loop only] 4 times. Leave a long tail for sewing, fas­ten off.

Bot­tom: with blue (or what­ev­er the colour of the bot­tom lay­er of cake is)

Fol­low pat­tern for row 1–4 of top of cake slice. Fas­ten off.

Back: with white

Row 1: ch 6, sc in sec­ond ch from hook, sc in each ch across, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc in first sc, 1 sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn.

Row 3–7: Repeat row 2. Fas­ten off.

Inside (the rain­bow part): begin with blue (or what­ev­er the colour of bot­tom lay­er of cake is)

(In case you’re inter­est­ed, here’s a sim­ple tuto­r­i­al demon­strat­ing chang­ing colour at the end of row.)

Row 1 (wrong side): ch 12, sc in sec­ond ch from hook, sc in each ch across.

Row 2 (right side): join white, fas­ten off blue. With white, ch 1. In back loop only, sl st in each sc across.

Row 3 (wrong side): join yel­low (or the colour of mid­dle lay­er of cake), fas­ten off white. with yel­low, ch 1. In front loop only, sc in each st across.

Row 4 (right side): join white, fas­ten off yel­low. With white, ch 1. In back loop only, sl st in each sc across.

Row 5 (wrong side): join orange (or the colour of top lay­er of cake), fas­ten off white. with orange, ch 1. In front loop only, sc in each st across. Fas­ten off.

Can­dle: with grey

Leav­ing a 6″ tail, ch 4. Remove hook from loop, tie a short length of yel­low yarn to loop, then pull the loop close.

Leav­ing a 6″ tail, cut off yarn. With a nee­dle, thread tail through the 4 ch just made, down to the first ch. Now there are 2 yarn tails at the bot­tom of the can­dle. Pull the 2 tails through adja­cen­t stitch­es in the top piece, then tie them togeth­er on the back­side, like so…

When the whole cake slice is assem­bled, fray the short yel­low yarn tails that are sup­posed to be the flame. With a drop of white glue, roll the yarn tails togeth­er between your thumb and index fin­ger. You might have to clamp it with a clothes­pin for a few min­utes for the glue to dry.


1. Sew the long side of the rain­bow part to the bot­tom of cake slice, along the 2 side edges of the bot­tom piece, with half the rain­bow part sewn on one edge and the oth­er half sewn on the oth­er edge.

2. Sew the top of the cake slice to the rain­bow part.

3. Sew the back of the cake slice to the rain­bow part and the bot­tom, leav­ing the top edge open. The back is sewn on side­ways, like so…

4. Stuff the cake slice through the open top edge, then con­tin­ue to sew it close. (The top edge of the back piece is sewn to row 4 of the top piece — the row before the ruf­fles.) Weave in ends.

And here we have it, a rain­bow cake slice! :D

I think it would make a great fridge mag­net, either with a mag­net per­ma­nent­ly attached, or using this trick I men­tioned at the end of the tater tot post.

Thank you so much for join­ing me in my blo­giver­sary fes­tiv­i­ties! I hope you enjoyed them. As usu­al, if you have ques­tions or feed­back about any of my pat­terns, please feel free to leave a com­ment or send me a note, I’d love to hear from you!

Have a love­ly evening, everyone!


38 thoughts on “make a rainbow cake slice!

  1. Looks awe­some, Trish! It was also our wed­ding cake, but with dif­fer­ent colours…I love it! Some is still in our freez­er because Dan thinks we should eat it on our tenth anniversary.…we’ll see about that.

    Any­ways, I’m glad you used the inspi­ra­tion to make some­thing amaz­ing once again. :)

  2. This is fan­tas­ti­cal­ly cute! I real­ly love the way you did the can­dle, it’s inven­tive and adorable. This is going straight on my to-make list. :)

  3. This turned out so cute! I used the advice post­ed ear­li­er, using long tails and mak­ing the yarn the stuff­ing. It’s so tiny it real­ly does­n’t need to be stuffed much. I’m mak­ing some for my son’s phys­i­cal and speech ther­a­pists birth­days this week.

  4. awe­some! i stuff my tiny plush­es with yarn scrap all the time :D i’m sure the ther­a­pists will real­ly appre­ci­ate your thought­ful hand­made cake slices!

  5. I made it for my hus­band­s’birth­day… he’s turned veg­e­tal­ian since a month — eat­ing no but­ter no eggs no milk… I think this cake should suit him ^^ thank you for the pat­tern ;o)

  6. Your cro­chet cake is amaz­ing!!!! Have you got a knit­ted ver­sion please? thank you in advance.

  7. Thank you so much Jan. Sor­ry about the delayed reply. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I don’t have a knit pat­tern writ­ten for this at the moment, per­haps some­thing I’ll think about mak­ing at a lat­er time. Hap­py crafting!

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