city of light


One of the best things about making crafts with children is that I get to try it out first :D

Frugal Family Fun Blog has a brilliant idea for making suncatchers, with contact paper (or clear shelf-lining) and bits of tissue paper, or this self-adhesive document protector I found at the dollar store, for $1/roll.

I built my “city” on one sheet of plastic, sticky side up, and then covered it with another sheet of plastic. And there are so many other things one can make with the same idea, like this lovely fall tree, and snowflakes.

When I was a kid I liked to make suncatchers with wax paper and crayon shaving, like these, and these. I loved to mix different colours and watch them swirl and blend together under the heat of the iron.

Anyway. I thought the contrast between the tissue paper city and the real city makes an interesting picture. And I hope the kids enjoy making this as much as I did. We’ll see…

I’m definitely enjoying getting more sunlight each day as we approach summer. How about you?