favourite things friday

I never knew that one could knit without needles. But yes, finger-knitting — a skill I must learn! Tutorial by V and Co. (I imagine this would be a good project for t‑shirt yarn, and here’s a great tutorial on how to make that.)


Another recycled project, this time with a disposable cup! Looks like they’re not so disposable anymore. Well, at least the kind made with #6 plastic, because apparently they shrink in the oven, just like shrink plastic! I can’t wait to try this — this very flat pendant started as the bottom half of the cup! I can only imagine the fun of watching it shrink and go flat in the oven. How-to on Dollar Store Crafts.


Also from Dollar Store Crafts — this tea duck just quacks me up. (sorry, couldn’t help it.)


Here’s some real cracking actions on Not Martha — Easter surprises hidden in real egg shells. Like Kinder Eggs, but homemade and therefore extra special. I think these make great party favours anytime.


Speak of surprises, I just spotted this on Ravelry the other day — a fish-to-sushi-to-fish amigurumi! A free pattern by Irka.


More spring knitting on my project list. I like this leaf scarf. Pattern by Spud & Chloe.


And this leaf top by Bernat, in grey.


But for now, I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and continue on that cardigan I started in February…

Happy Friday! :D

6 thoughts on “favourite things friday

  1. love the tea duck, its one of those “why-didn’t-I-ever-think-of-that-before?” kind of projects.

  2. Trish, my kids — my two younger ones LOVE to finger knit when we travel. We have metres of finger knitting that has then been used as yarn to reknit. Very relaxing…

  3. that’s a great idea! i will have to carry some yarn with me from now on, in case i find myself without a book on a long TTC ride. you have the coolest kids!

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